Lethargy + Iqra'

Since longggg ago... i've always felt i have some problem in my body... cos i am always sleepy.. i can't keep my eyes open on long journeys and my bedtime from school till now is 10:30pm, LATEST LATEST 11pm..

I thought of taking vitamins or drink that something Bitagrape or something to boost ur energy... but never got around to it...

Then Early this year, when my boss sponsored Gym membership for 2 years for our dept, he said one of the advantages of exercises regularly is u dont feel lethargic... quite contradicting in my point of view cos u feel TIRED after exercise what? But he said something like it will help u sleep better and feel more refreshed the next day or something...

Hmmm im not quite sure... *shrug*

Anyway point of this entry is that Zubair thinks that im taking too much Iqra' classes and wants me to cut down. apakan tidak (what's not to be so), everytime i come back from class i will be like a FLAT battery... and didnt get to talk much to him.. and on weekends, we dont get to go out as much cos of my classes and letharginess haha...

But i told him.. Now i have 3 classes..

A. Sat mornings at my place. They are my cousin and they've just started in Jan. i'd feel bad to stop teaching them plus they come over to my place...

B. Sat Late morning. I have been teaching them for 2yrs now. The mother in her late 40s who was Arabic illiterate before can now read easily at Book 4. I'd wanna see her read the whole Qur'an... So i dont intend to stop teaching them anytime soon..

C. Wed and Fri nights. There's nothing much that keeps me going for this one except that its good money.

Oh God do i sound money-minded and insincere? But this is probably bcos im still new to them and they cant seem to attach to me yet and the youngest one has very short attention span like he's NOT interested to learn. I CAN'T stand teaching unmotivated and playful young students. Give me an illiterate adult anytime.. they read slower but the main thing is they WANT to learn.

While here im trying to cut down on my lessons, my ex students (3 groups of them) have been calling me to teach them again and i have NEW offers to teach also... i have no other choice but to outsource them out.

Since i have 4 or 5 potential students who are looking for teachers, the resourceful part of me thought of charging a small fee for brokering services. (i hafta make calls to both potential students AND teachers.. and match them up) Say... $20 for the first two months... that would amount to almost $200 if all transactions come thru. the down sides are:
1. Again i'd seem insincere
2. diff to track when the teachers get salary
3. How to get the money from the teachers?

Kak Long thought that i shouldn't impose on them since Iqra' salary is not much anyways. on average $120 every 4th lesson. She told me to just reap the rewards in the HereAfter..

So conclusion is i'm not dropping any classes anytime soon.. nor wld i take in any more of course.. i wont charge any broking fees either. I still need to think of ways to boost energy to be able to be a good wife to my husband. Any ideas?

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Sony Ericsson W960i - I WANT!!!!!!!!!!

1. 3.2 Megapixel Camera + VideoCall
2. JogDial
3. Touchscreen
4. 8GB internal memory!

and all the usual stuffs lah. The specs are available here.

Don't know when its coming... but i hope by the time my contract allows me to buy a new phone, prolly in a year's time, the price will be affordable.

I love you, Sony Ericsson!

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How We Met...

I actually promised in Multiply like 4 months ago that i would write on how we met...

haha so here goes... My side of the story first...

In Oct, I was broken hearted but was determined to find a good/better guy. This time he's GOT to be TALL, Indian / Arab and somewhat religious. Coincidentally, my friend from Stansfield invited me on Love Happens

Ever since then, i've been searching for Muslim guys with the requirement as above, on top of that, doesnt drink nor smoke lah of course and from all countries: US, Australia, saudi, India, Pakistan... etc.. I clicked Yes, i'm interested on some 60 pple!!

There is no way u can communicate further w a guy u r interested in unless u pay or discreetly insert ur email in the profile which is NOT allowed lah actually. I saw one email add and started to write to him but his replies were just FORWARDED emails!!! I corresponded with another guy.. But somehow.. it lacked something..

And then i discovered a 3-day free trial in which we can private msg members and not the free but good-for-nothing pre-set Icebreaker. I started to write Eid Mubarak greetings to about 4 pple and asked them how did they spend Hari Raya in their country and stuff.. Just the next day i received a reply from xubipianist giving his email add.

hi thx ....hows spend ur eid??...i have no credit on love happines...well its my e u

hi again . wots ur real name??i seen ur pics ur very nice by looking....and tell me about ur self.....i have send u my e mail add note it then we ll talk there ok. and take serious care about ur self and send me ur e mail add also....again im sending u my 2 email add

Doesnt he just sound enthusiastic?? Now.. i just need to know if he's sincere or not. I replied him straight away... After a week of sending INTERESTING emails to and fro, he called me on the phone! and he said I love you and proposed to me! Er... i said, "I wont answer that question until u come to Singapore and propose face-to-face. But i Am open for marriage."

The week after that we scheduled late night chat sessions 3am Spore time and 12am Pakistan time. Boy was it fun! But i wanna see his face!! i have a webcam and he kept asking me to turn it on but i refused bcos it wldnt be fair if only HE can see me. So Guess what?? i bought for him a webcam and sent all the way to Lahore! it took another week before it reached him and we started video calls from then..

Now his side of the story....

He just ended a 2 yr relationship bcos he thought that it cldnt get far and some communication problem lah. in short, he said that if he married her, life would be hell.

He checks his email regularly at his friend's house or at school and sometime at his own house. and one day he saw an email "Juice is interested to meet you" and another day he saw i sent him a private msg and quickly replied...

He kept telling me he's not from a rich family but alhamdulillah they are managing just fine. He was working as a music teacher at a good private sch and also performed in bands, etc. He is the eldest of 3 sons, his father died when he was 4, younger bro 2 and youngest one still unborn. His mother worked very hard to provide for them 3 all those years. From this i reckon that he is a responsible person.

3 weeks on, and i was feeling restless or lost ... can't focus, happy, fidgeting, delirious, confused, Cloud 9.... It's like i have a lover but i've never met him. I missed him but cldn't touch him... i just soothed myself listening to his songs... looking at his face on webcam...

I confided in 3 friends. the first one i told is the very catalyst of this relationship. She is super happy and excited for me and i welcomed that very much of course. however, two other friends expressed concern and told me to be cautious bcos there are a lot of fakes and frauds out there. They recalled their other friends who encountered problems w same national.

One day, my parents called me to their room and slow talked lah. of course they noticed my weird behaviour and wanted to know the exact story... I was sooo shy though i told them while covering my face with a pillow! hahaha but surprisingly my parents are cool about it. Ok my father is always cool... but my mum! But i think to them any guy is better than the previous profile kind. i even suspect that my mum is relieved that her prayers were answered with this new guy.

It didnt go all smooth for us though...

At first, when he told his mother, she was absolutely opposed to it! She said that its a tradition to marry WITHIN the family. I guess she was more scared to lose her FIRST son if and when he moves. Eventually, after a week or two, he convinced his mother saying im a good girl from a good family. heheeh *grin* And then his mother talked to my parents via webcam. his mother can't speak English so she spoke Urdu to the mic and then Zubair wld translate into english by typing... At first, she wanted to confirm that both my parents consented to our marriage which they did... and then she wanted to entrust the care of his son to them... and lastly she said she will treat me like her own daughter having none herself.

1 month before the wedding and we just started to make preparations. For me, there wasn't much to do. I wanted it to be a very small affair just between close family and friends. Guest list totaled 200pple but i think just abt 150 came.

1. Made eCard for my friends and mum called her bros n sis, uncles n aunties
2. Caterer is my mum's friend and sponsored by mum
3. Henna
4. Backdrop for dais
5. Make up artist and a pair of costume

The funny part was renting the costume.... when she asked the size for the male i hesitated.... my mum just told her the guy's not in Singapore so he cant come to try it. haha but described that he's tall and skinny so she gave S i think but that she will alter if necessary on the day itself.


His ex girlfriend attempted suicide... TWICE if not 3 times taking in poison. the first time around, it was not so serious...

she found out my email add and sent me countless emails asking me to end the relationship and that Zubair loved HEr and NOT me... she was menacing at first... subsequently, she mellowed down. she said she doesnt hate me but that they were just meant to be. if i really loved him i shld let him go to the person he really loved. Hello.... he DUMPED you bcos of YOU, or have u lost ur memory? I didnt reply to her. Not a single one.

Anyways, she tried to eat poison a second time and this time it got serious. she was hospitalised for a few days. During that week, we havent got to chat much and then i saw in his email he sent a LOVE CARD to this hag saying i love u, cant wait to marry you and some things in urdu.. I got real frantic i panicked. what is the meaning of this? did he ever loved me? has he been lying to me all along? none of my pakistani friends were online to get translation... i went to Yahoo Answers and everything..

and suddenly Zubair told me......... he cant continue with me!! he said he is sorry that i have already made wedding plans in Singapore and he's ashamed to talk to my parents but he said, "someone ended their life for you, how wld u feel?" and furthermore, we were just 3 mths old then.

I cried so hard and wont open the door that made my mum sms him to ask is everything ok. and what did he reply? "yes everything's ok. just some money problem" or something to that effect. i really needed to cry and think it out.. i called my nearest friend to come and meet me urgently. and we talked about it and she asked me, "He didnt really say he didnt WANT you right?

I asked to talk to him that night. I asked if it had all been a lie from the start? he said no he had really loved me. I reminded him of the reasons he dumped her in the first place. and that everybody has to go through some disappointments in life, she has to learn to deal with it. why would he wanna give up happiness for me and especially HIMSELF for misery his whole life? Then he said he wanted to do VIDEO call. and to my surprise, he was unshaven, and eyes were red and when he saw me he cried. and everything came back to normal. Thank God! He just ignored her from then on.

The other most important setback was MONEY. Just a week or two before his scheduled flight to Singapore, a financial institution of some sort was busted for fraud. He ran away with pple's money and there goes all their family's savings of about 300k or 3lakhs in total?? about S$7.5k. Fortunately, most things are confirmed, so he just need to come to Singapore.

And now here we are... Alhamdulillah, together and happy. We just need to persevere these few months and when the passes are settled and he can earn in Singapore Dollars and we'd have a lot of space to breathe... and his family in Pakistan will benefit a lot from the currency conversion hopefully, insya'Allah..

Pray for us, friends...

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Julissa: DARLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sent at 1:45 PM on Friday

Zubair: hahaahh
u know before 1 hour i found one big CHICHAK
on my piano.and it was also flying

Julissa: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Zubair: i was waiting for him on floor

Julissa: FLYING?????????????????

Zubair: when he stay at floor
i put tissue on it
but he just make his body died means BEDEK hahaah
then he started too fly again
then he stay again.i kill him with ur WEDDING SENDALS

Julissa: oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zubair: i dont know it was chichak or any other
but it was big black
and very strong

Julissa: u didnt look after killing it?

Zubair: i felt scary also hahahahah

Julissa: heheheheh
then u threw my wedding sandal?

Zubair: yup

Julissa: this is sooooooooo bloggable!
u did???

Zubair: hahahhaahahh
how can i threw ur wedding sendlas
u want?

Julissa: then? what did u do with it????
i mean did u pick up the left over corpse??

Zubair: its still clean and i put back on same place hahha

Julissa: Tho i dont want u to throw it away.. i dont think i can ever wear it again... EVER
what u mean its STILL Clean?? u just whacked a cicak out of his life, there MUST be some bloodshed!

Zubair: ya but we ll save it u know
come on darling
dont think deep
sendels got some other stuffs also.MORE THAN SICAK BLOOD

but u DID throw the cicak awak right???

Zubair: yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Julissa: heheheh jsut checking

Zubair: wot?

Julissa: then have u seen the other one???

Zubair: investigator u

Julissa: ALL MUST DIE!

Zubair: hahahah
let them come out side

if not im gonna scream again whenever they pop out

Zubair: hahaahh ok ok darling
i ll kill them
ho hahahahahhahhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh evil smle

Julissa: hahah can imagine!

Zubair: i love u

Julissa: i love you toooooooooooooo

Zubair: ok lah home work lah

Julissa: ok lah

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Bagaikan Itik Cakap Dgn Ayam

Translation: Like duck talking to chicken.

1. We were just married. and mummy called home, Zubair answered. Mummy asked him to come down and help to bring up the groceries. He said ok mummy ok.. Mummy was waiting for him downstairs. When he didnt come, mummy brought the trolley up herself and maybe w Ayah lah. Later, Mummy came into the house and Zubair came to her and asked, "Mummy, just now what did you say?"

Dang! *mental headslap*

2. We were at the airport McDonalds after sending mummy and ayah for Umrah.

Zubair was sitting on the outside so i asked for his help to take some more sweet chilli. He returned with Tomato Ketchup. ok understandable, maybe foreigners refer to chilli sauce as ketchup. so i told him just tell the crew "2 pkts of SWEET CHILLI". This time, he came back with GARLIC chilli. i sighed... i dont know what went wrong in my detailed instructions.

To give him benefit of the doubt, probably:
a. he forgot what's the name of the chilli
b. He didn't think there's any difference
c. The crew misunderstood or misheard him

3. This is just a few days ago. we went to cold storage. There were long queues at every counter. i stood in line in one i tot was shortest and least thing. but i tot the line next to me look sshort also so i told to Zubair ok queue there for me please. but he kept coming back to me to talk to me and i kept pushing him gently back in line. this went on twice then he said, "wait wait." He went to wait for me at the other side of the counter near the exit!!!!

After i've paid, i came to him and asked, "Did u hear when i say help me to queue on the other line?" and his reply, "Oh that is a queue?"

Sometimes he is sooo funny lah. he has a habit of automatically saying "yah" even before one finishes a question and therefore before he can comprehend and analyse what was being said.

This post is just to remind me of the irritating but funny moments we've had. im very sure we'll be laughing about this in years to come!

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I wldnt wanna be filthy rich....

But just enough to afford:

1. 4 children
2. 2 Cars
3. Big house with 6 rooms complete with walk-in cabinets and 4 attached bathrooms!
4. Yearly gym membership
5. Daily or 5 times a week Day Maid
6. Restaurant dining maybe 3times a week?
7. Movies once a week
8. Overseas holiday once a year + Balik Kampung to Lahore twice a year

oh well... i'll update more if i can think of anything else...

Before then... i guess i need to split the household chores between me and Zubair when we have our own house... this is how i fantasise the divide to be:

MY tasks:
1. Cook
2. Laundry (wash, hang, fold)
3. Iron OWN clothes
4. Vacuum / sweep with that 360 stick broom
5. Clean master bedroom toilet
6. Wash dishes

HIS job:
1. Iron OWN clothes
2. Mops
3. Clean kitchen toilet
4. Kills CICAK
5. Take out rubbish
6. Clean fans
7. Dry and put away dishes
8. Wipe dining table

And that's all i can think of right now...

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Gamer? Reviewer? What will i be in 5 yrs?

I have always liked playing computer games... but over the past one or two years, i have really been obsessed with them!

Mostly i like Hidden Objects, Strategy and Cake Mania style games (i dont know what category it goes into). I often feel frustrated if there's no full free trial around. Not the free for 60min kind but the full version but free... I usually go to websites Shockwave and Realarcade to get my dose... but they are often quite lagged behind. Anyway just sign up for free trial then cancel after 10 days for the former and after 30days for the latter and u actually get to play FULL version, FREE! The latter is better because u can KEEP the game and play for as long as you want and u can redownload it in another pc!

Anyways... as i was saying, i feel frustrated that i cant get the good games fast enough. then today i stumbled upon this site Game Tunnel and they are inviting people to write game reviews!!! U dont get paid but u get FREE games! Downside? u have a 2 week deadlines to write the review.

So now... i have a new aim... in 5 years' time, i would want to

1. be a full time housewife,
2. give Iqra lessons part-time
3. write game reviews free lance!!!
4. be a regular gym patron!
5. ad-hoc Driver

OK work hard for now...

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My shoes, my memories, Shalwar Kameez and my enemies!

Humming Winter's sonata song.....

1. My shoes

When i showed Zubair i took this picture he said, "Oh and you are going to blog about this, right? And pple will think i make u poor and buy cheaper stuffs". To which i responded, "Hey.. but i wrote that this is what WE want right..."

Darling, i'm happy we're together... most couples go through tough times and this is ours... My parents were very poor when they got married too... and now they're quite comfortable. Don't worry, ok?

Anyways, i wanted to write about my shoe collection. This is my favourite shoe. I bought from Bangkok at 299 Baht. about S$9 i think. I go most places with this shoe... even to Kak Aiman's wedding. (Well.. i dont think pple look down at ur shoes, they only look at ur clothes) because it's black, comfortable and matches w everything.

My other shoes are:
1. a pair of orange slipper since Jul 06 ($20)
2. a blue "sport shoes" for gym since May 07 ($19.90)
3. a brown leather slack sandal since Dec 06 (599 Baht)
4. a golden brown high heels that's SUPER UNCOMFORTABLE since June 06 ($50)
5. a beige velcro shoes with a slight heel since Apr 07 ($5.90)

So for everyday office wear, i'm only left with this black shoe and that beige velcro and the latter doesnt match w everything i regretted a bit for buying it. Now i STILL need another pair of shoe... i think i'll go buy that $10 platform shoe i saw at AMK next pay day...

Anyways.. i think i have some walking problem or feet problem. Cos i had 2 expensive (in the region of $50) black shoes for office and it wears out in under 6 months. most of them, like my last Elle shoes, have broken soles and rainwater will slip in.. so might as well just buy the cheap one right? Is it the way i walk then that makes it break? haha

2. My memories
Hanani commented just now during lunch that i have a good memory that i can blog easily. But i wonder then, How come i'm so forgetful? Like for eg, my mum asked me to buy something before i come home, i will always forget. I deduced that i probably can recall if i wanted to..

...but how do u solve this forget-to-buy-things problem? I bought a Tony Buzan book on memory but his technique is more for exam studying kind of thing.... how to remember??? OH yes Andrew Matthews' book on Smile or something said about

1. thinking positive (ie say i will remember instead of i will NOT forget)
2. and picturing urself doing it...

Now i should just remind myself to practise that in order not to forget to remember!

3. Shalwar Kameez
Yesterday, I debated with myself about whether i should or shouldn't wear my yellow shalwar kameez with the dupatta (scarf) to work today.

1. It might look unprofessional and dressy, but my boss is not around
2. It might be hot, but i'll be in the COLD office most of the time anyways
3. It's already ironed, otherwise i wld need to iron another scarf...
4. This is a good time to wear cos i dont hafta hassle with it to take wudhu'

So i decided to wear it...

When i reached office.. nobody commented except for Sharon who said, "Wah today Golden colour. Good lah u wear bright colour i also like bright colours". Zubair also call me "My yellow darling".

But as i was looking for a table to sit at Amoy St while waiting for Hanani, i felt terrified! I felt everybody's eyes were on me! Bcos of the strange attire as well as the bright colour. When i passed by the Indian Prata Stall, im quite sure i heard he said something like "ARewah" and could feel his eyes scanned me up and down (though i didnt look at him ofcourse)

Plus i always feel uncomfortable when i pass by any Indians.. like they would prolly be thinking, "Why is she wearing OUR traditional clothes? it doesnt suit her at all! Looks sooo funny"

I declare that this will be the last time i put on shalwar kameez with the accompanying dupatta alone. I will only wear it when im with the husband.. so my reason for wearing it is justified and that nobody would dare stare at me cos really my husband will punch them!

As he ALMOST did in the mrt a week or two ago. We were waiting for the train to come and i refused his hug cos it was TOO DAMN HOT. then the train came, there was no seat and we stood for some time. i fanned ourselves with my book but Zubair was behaving strangely. He didn't wanna come near me and didnt talk much. I kept asking why but he didnt say anything

... until we found seats. he said to me, "I want to PUNCH that guy! HOw dare he look at you!" Me.. the blur one asked, "HUH, which one?" and he actually pointed and said loudly, "THAT ONE" i turned my head but cldnt figure out which one but just told Zubair to calm down and i dont want any scene. I actually took hold of his hand so he can't go anywhere.

Well, there could be many reasons why he was looking at me... maybe he was looking in my GENERAL direction not AT ME... maybe he was looking at me fanning.. u know how quick movement attracts the eye. Maybe he thinks im somebody he knows.. or whatever lah... but still Zubair insists that its very rude to look at a lady, what more his wife. In Pakistan, he told me he had ever beaten up a guy for looking at his aunty in the bus. he alighted the bus and asked the guy to come down too and he beat him.

That's their culture for you... and Hanani said, "Look at it positively, he's been brought up NOT to look at girls." Yeah well.. i know my husband is a good guy. *looking at Zubair* Just DONT abuse my trust. humph :P

4. My enemies

To date, Zubair has killed TWO CICAKS!! Hip hip horayyyyyyyyy!

First was a baby one behind our door where we put our bathrobes. You know how he killed it? he used a door stopper!!!!!!!!!!!!

Second was a BIGGIE.. it was loitering on the ceiling of our walkway along our rooms... and was stationed right in front of my room door!! i shrieked when i saw it.. First Zubair just shooed it away to Ayah's room using his BELT!! haha then the next time i open the door, it was back there again!!!

He took a plastic and wrapped his hands.. i asked what is this for? he said he was gonna catch the lizard and flush it down the toilet. i said EYEWwww!!! Take the newspaper and whack him lah. he did take a newspaper... but just ONE SMALL TINY half of page piece and directed it to the toilet. He pushed it to a corner and he quickly "CEKUP" (Grabbed) it and flush it down!

Oh my god.. what drama! He actually said he dont like to kill lizard.. he said its just a small insect. but i told him lizard is Rasulullah's enemy! He betrayed Rasulullah when he was hiding in Hira' cave. Ironically he can happily stamp on cockroaches. and funny thing is, Zubair kept refering the cicak as HER!!! takleh angkat!

my husband is sooooooooo funny!!!!!!!! HAHAHAH

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Just some stuffs i wanna remember...

1. He cried the other night bcos he missed his parents so much. he hasnt called his mum in a week or two! cos i wasnt able to top up my Skype account.

He was looking at the old pictures of his father and mother with him and Rizwan and i couldn't help crying also though i tried to hide it.. i tried to make a brave front for him.

In the end, i pleaded to him to call his mum thru my hp. Usually he would say no cos its expensive ($1/min) since they bill me later, its ok.

His mother asked me why is he crying and i had a fearful moment, is she angry at me? but Zubair assured me that she's actually asking why were WE crying.

and thankfully, his friend in Pakistan found out a cheap International call provider 100Rps = 1hr talktime to Singapore. 100Rps = S$2.50. and since then his mother has been calling him quite often. and he's received a call from Mamoo Afzal also =)

2. Speaking of which i really feel awkward talking to his relatives and friends.

They always wanna talk to me but i dont know what to say to them apart from how are you and stuffs.

The other night with mamoo Afzal, he congratulated me cos my parents went for umrah... and i kept mum apart from listening noises. then Zubair said asked about his family or something... THEN i asked how are they and all... I'm very socially awkward lah.

Then a few days ago, we were at Kak Aiman's wedding and he had to go to the bathroom and passed to me his hp. He said it was his neighbour and his mother's student. and i said hello... and surprise! it's a lady!! and i asked apka naam kya hai? what's ur name? and she said something and i asked back Miznah? she said yeah and she asked my name and i said mere naam Julissa hai... kya? (What?) Julissa. oh very nice and thank god, suddenly the call got cut off probably credit's finished.

Turned out it was Salman's GF. But im very puzzled as to why she wants to call ZUBAIR, her boyfriend's BROTHEr who is OVERSEAS.... ???!!?!?!!

3. Kak Ly told us about this multiplier who's selling materials from Pakistan and can even get it tailored for u at $25 + $20.

So i asked Zubair how much she charges to sew a dress. Anwer: 100rps!!! That guy sure making a lot of money!! and we could do the same too probably and we dont even hafta buy the material first cos Rizwan works at textile company and we can just take pictures of the material or something. In a way, we ARE promoting his company, no? ideas ideas ideas....

4. He loves to call me Sweetheart and i love to be called sweetheart.

But due to his recent Mango Ice Blended craze (thanks to Kak Long and Kak Ly), i always confused Sweetheart with SweetTalk! and so he has shortened it and calling me Sweety instead.

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020607 - The Craziest Date ever...

It was 7:45pm and we were bored.

Zubair: Let's go out..
Jussa : Where? Causeway Point?
Zubair: Sighhh
Jussa : OH I know! Let's go to Ang Mo Kio Hub! It's newly openned!
Zubair: YES!
Jussa : (After a while...) But im lazy!! if we watch a movie there then how do we go back the public transport would have finished by then and we can't afford taxi...
Zubair: *sad face*
Jussa : Sorry Darling i always do this to you. Raise your hope and crush it again. But really u hafta tell me in advance if you wanna go out so we can plan.

Zubair: Let's go to Causeway Point
Jussa : But by the time we got ready the shops will be closed already..
Zubair: But im bored
Jussa : Hmmm hmm... But WHERE can we go??? Zzzzz
Jussa : (After awhile...) I Know! Let's rent a car at 11pm and we'll go for a spin for an hour... but sleep first.

And so at 11:15pm we set out to Whizz Car location to get that Mazda 323 Auto with nowhere to go in mind... In the car... Zubair said.. ok let's go to Little India... I told him we can go there but cannot get down adn look around bcos it'll take 30 min to go and 30min to come back and we have only 1hr but he said ok. But actually i was quite ok with it since the route is very familiar to me so we won't risk getting ourselves lost. oh yeah we even brought along the map ayah just passed to us earlier that evening.

Like i said it would be, we drove there and head back... it was 12:15 when we entered the expressway and thought we couldn't make it on time so extended it for another half hour... and then we made a small detour by exiting Yishun.

By this time, we felt like having a small snack.. so i drove thru to the 24hr McDonals at Sembawang / Yishun. but they were out of fries!! I said nevermind. Then i tot we can go to Admiralty 24hr McD but i tot troublesome to park or whatever... So decided to return the car first then go to the one at Civic Centre. when we reached there, the McD looked weird.. like nobody around.. and the staff were lounging around... then a guy said...

Guy: "Kak, dah tutup" Sister, it's closed already
Me: Huh? Tutup? Kenapa Tutup? (Closed? Why is it closed?)
Guy & Friends: DUmbfounded
Me: It's 24hr right?
Guy: Oh tak... yg kat Admiralty nye 24hr (Oh no... the one at Admiralty is)

You can't imagine our heartbroken-ness... i was almost crying... Zubair even suggested we walked to Admiralty but i shoved off the crazy idea... then Zubair said... "Oh damn them! I already made taste of fries on my tongue and now they say they're closed. How dare they! I'll beat them!" hahah he said it in an almost serious tone that it made me laugh real hard in my heart. So funny lah he...

Ok pple go out at night for supper all the time... but i still think ours what the craziest date ever... firstly bcos we actually RENTed a car (like i told Kak Ly.. Mummy wldn't allow me to take the family car furthermore at such an ungodly hour) and at out fate of NOT getting to eat McDonald's TWICE. *Smiles* it was a fun memory.

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3 months on...

It seems like eternity but we've only been married for 3 months as of 3rd June 07.

Let's see... the foreign food/fruits he's tried so far are:

1. Chestnut (Buah berangan)
He took one and straight away put it in his mouth shell and all! and already bit half way when we ask him to take it out and peel the shell out first! haha

2. Durian
It was at the picnic w Simei family and all. i gave him a piece and he bit through the seed and all! and immediately spat it out saying it's smelly!! it was such a funny scene i tell you!

3. Squid
Now that he can eat prawn only need me to peel the skin first.. i tot he's ready to try squid... so i kept quiet about the squid's presence in our kway teow goreng from Banquet. and you should see how he winced when he felt the squid in between in teeth! and its not even the legs!

Then with regards to his visa...

There was some confusion at first but the final story is this:
1. His extended social visit expired on 2nd June 07
2. Went to ICA to get further extension on 28th May 07
3. Extended to 16th July 07.
4. Received letter saying he's not eligible for Long Term Visit Pass but was granted a further 6 months of non-renewable social visit pass in which he can seek employment and apply for work permit.
5. Applied PR and waiting 3 months till somewhere July to get a reply.

How changed has my married life been?

Past: Min $5/day for lunch, quite often $10
Now: target $10/week for lunch. average $1 or $2/day but have achieved average of $5/week for the past 6 weeks that i've been tracking...

Past: $50/pair of shoe
Now: $20 for a shoe is obscene... $10 and below is now my type

Past: Most nights i sleep early and soundly
Now: Can't sleep soundly

Past: Early riser
Now: Late riser

No matter. This is what i want. this is what WE want. we will get through this together with perseverance. Patience will pay. Insya'Allah Ameen.

On the overall, he's been bugging me to learn cooking. I told him i KNOW how to cook... just give me the opportunity. Besides, i dont want to cook in the current kitchen when the Madam is around hehehe..

He's picked up a lot of Malay so far. His favourite word is "berdiri". he will say, out of the blue, "Syifaa' berdiri", when she's actually sitting down. and will assoc anythign with berdiri and end each sentence with berdiri.. heheh Thanks to the overhead announcement he frequently gets to hear while riding the MRT.

Oh yes his fav malay/local food are Mee Rebus, nasi briyani, Murtabak.

He calls Ainul matabaik which sometimes sounds and is confused for Murtabak!! HAHHA

He really IS allergic to BEEF. his neck and the folds of his arms are red with rashes. heheh at first i tot it was just an exaggeration and since he CAN actually swallow and chew beef, i let him continue eating it. But we have since stopped him from eating beef for the past week or two... and with the help of Jorubi, and with Allah's grace the rashes have cooled down a lot. heheh but the other day no choice other than beef and it was slightly aggravated. i prescribed him Jorubi again.

I borrowed Winter's Sonata from Hanani. He watched with me on and off and he even teared a bit when Jun Sang died!!

And i can't tell you how very caring and loving he is... he cared for me when i'm sick.. he always listen to my rant, soothe my irritation and agitation and simply make me feel happy all the time. Sometimes i feel guilty for always making him listen to me, bugging and nagging at him, when he's always been so good to me...

Anyways, I resolve to write more about him. Cos i love him and wanna remember the sweet things we do together..

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