Gamer? Reviewer? What will i be in 5 yrs?

I have always liked playing computer games... but over the past one or two years, i have really been obsessed with them!

Mostly i like Hidden Objects, Strategy and Cake Mania style games (i dont know what category it goes into). I often feel frustrated if there's no full free trial around. Not the free for 60min kind but the full version but free... I usually go to websites Shockwave and Realarcade to get my dose... but they are often quite lagged behind. Anyway just sign up for free trial then cancel after 10 days for the former and after 30days for the latter and u actually get to play FULL version, FREE! The latter is better because u can KEEP the game and play for as long as you want and u can redownload it in another pc!

Anyways... as i was saying, i feel frustrated that i cant get the good games fast enough. then today i stumbled upon this site Game Tunnel and they are inviting people to write game reviews!!! U dont get paid but u get FREE games! Downside? u have a 2 week deadlines to write the review.

So now... i have a new aim... in 5 years' time, i would want to

1. be a full time housewife,
2. give Iqra lessons part-time
3. write game reviews free lance!!!
4. be a regular gym patron!
5. ad-hoc Driver

OK work hard for now...

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4 glasses of Juice:

Hid said...

Wah wah nak jadi full time housewife sey! If only we all can be housewives (am not married now but after marriage lah), it'll be a blast eh? After we do housework, etc we can pool our kids and teach them together or sth. Cool ey.

ps: I didnt noe u r into com games man.

JuSSaEmoN said...

Hid.. yeah sounds like something Hanani suggested a few months ago... That's be swell man!

Oh God.. dont get me started talking about computer games! r u into it also? if u havent.. i strongly suggest CAKE MANIA and Mystery Case Files: Huntsville

Hid said...

hehe unfortunately kiter tak into computer games. Cake Mania?? Game apa tu? A gal wrote that programme eh? hehe

JuSSaEmoN said...

hahah tak tau lah pulak programmer dia prp ke llk... but its something like u hafta make cakes of diff icing and topping depending on the customer's choice. and u hafta meet target for the day. as u go along it will become tougher cos more pple come in and MORe impatient customers. very challenging but ibarat jari penat picit2 and mata perit tak kelip2 hahahah abih rhyme eh