What's Up, Tufeil?

7.5months old

1. He has started to fear strangers. Well, sometimes. He cried when neighbour Kak Is carried him. Also when my own Atok (Grandpa), his Yot (Great grandpa) tried to. But not when Cik Adi, his daughter and his maid carried him and my Mak Long too. Perhaps, its also associated with his mood.

2. last week he had loose stools. He woke up almost midnight fussing and crying. I fed him but he won't sleep. Turned out he pooped. Changed him. Tried to settle him back to sleep but he still fussed. He actually pooped a second time. This time it's watery. But no recurrence afterwards.

3. He LOVES aided walking now. Once we start, he would cry if we stop.

4. He would cry like this: Ahhhh Ji ji ji.... New Vowel!

5. His face would really light up when he sees his Kakak Syifaa'.

6. He scratched Mummy's face pretty bad

7. His grasp is pretty good now (quite late in my opinion). He is able to hold a small light object for a whole minute even two. His favourite though is the diaper cream! That would make him lie down still everytime!

8. He had his first fall a week or two ago. From my parents' bed. Lucky its not as high as mine. Crawled too fast for an adult's eye.

9. My iPod Touch accidentally slipped onto his head while i was nursing him to sleep on the bed! Ouch!

10. He has already mastered pulling himself upward while holding on to our hands or other things. But still working on pushing himself up. I can see that he is able to do it but mostly doesnt get the chance to as most of the furniture available to him are either too high, or too low or not sturdy enough. He sometimes lets go of his hands and maintain balance for a fraction of a second.

11. I have dismantled his cot/playpen! YAYYY now more space in my room for him to play. Safer to put him on the floor than on the bed. See No 8. Hah. Next project is to push the bed to the wall and the computer desk nearer the door to create more play area.

Nothing too exciting happened over the weekend. And i'm very very busy in the office mainly because my long leave coincides with office relocation (to bigger premises ie the WHOLE FLOOR Wheeee). I need to change many stationeries and hafta get them all done BEFORE i go on leave! Bah!

Hmmm I might be absent for awhile. Bear with me. but Stay tuned, alright?

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2 glasses of Juice:

Muhammad Nuzaihan said...

Assalamualaikum WBR Julissa,

I am getting married insha'Allah next year so i won't be able to comment on your blog anymore but now i can. :)

About Tufeil (is it Hassan or Hussain?), maybe you can research a bit on Al-Quran and Sunnah on child psychology, it is written there all along. Since, i know you were from a religious background, i know you're better at it than me.

Or you can ask Nurhidayati as she had done her own research herself with a group of friends too.

After that, refer to a qualified religious teacher, (preferably Al-Azhar with Masters) to help you on that topic.

Muhammad Nuzaihan said...

Assalamualaikum WBR,

I wanted to ask you about PR application because you did that before.

My future fiancee is a malaysian and she is graduating from her degree. She had taken language electives in mandarin and english, so i feel that's appropriate in Singapore.

Is it true that chances of a degree holder is higher and with the language electives she took she can pass the test better?

As she is a malaysian, i don't know if a malaysian degree is accepted as much and i know she has to work for 3 years to get a PR.

Muhammad Nuzaihan