In The Hot Seat

So today was my first time taking the public transport to work after my 4 month long maternity leave. and it was horrendous, as usual.

This time around, i don't get to say, "Can i have a seat, please? I'm pregnant." But i feel like saying, "I have a 7month old baby at home who doesn't sleep thru the night and now i'm feeling very shitty. If you wanna avoid being stepped on by me, give up the seat to me, or else!"

I may be a fierce bitch in my own imagination - i concoct a lot of nasty things to say to everyone around me all the time- but Nah... in reality, i'm too timid to vocalise those thoughts, to hurt other people.

In any case, this one man almost racked up my courage to do just that. A guy just vacated a seat in front of this Apek (Uncle) looking passenger and i was standing just next to him. I shuffled in a way to signal that i want that seat. It's quite a long shot but i expected him to give it up to me being he is a healthy, not so old man.

Not only did he not offer that seat to me, he even DARED TO TUT at me!!! What The! The least you could do was look sheepish and avoid eye contact and i would just say you're a lazybum or something. But this behaviour was sooo uncalled for! I was sooo worked up i GLARED back at him with much distaste! Gosh i felt sooo accomplished! Empowered! Having the nerve to stand up to myself as small as it was.

I wanted to snap a photo of him in that old fashioned polo tee and bermudas. I bet he's not local. If you know what i'm saying. But i forgot my hp. GRRR

I have an idea! The next time i fight with a guy for a seat, i would politely say, "Are you gentleman enough to offer that seat to a lady?" Granted, a man like the above won't even UNDERSTAND a word i'm saying, but i would target a well dressed man who looks like he's heading to a big shot office or something. If they are not embarassed enough to let me sit, ... why then i shall take a picture of him and blog about it! What? I'm in a public place, aren't i?

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7 glasses of Juice:

Ashley said...

Hullo. This is Singapore. Not somewhere in Europe where the men are more of a gentleman.

I hate it too man!

Jussaemon said...

I was thinking if at least we VOCALISE the thought, they WOULD be embarassed and give up the seat, instead of just grunting in our head.

Ashley said...

Let's have a campaign to have the local men to be more gentleman, and not just about giving up their seats... hehe

Mrs Umer Shah f.k.a Ms Sue said...

lol actually I have faith in our Singaporean guys... don't mind me saying this publically but the PRCs folks are way worse... they can even push you aside from behind to grab that seat which somebody just left (this is when the seat is right infront of you!!) Pffft!

Mrs Umer Shah f.k.a Ms Sue said...

oh oh hey you know in scotland there's this "Priority Seat Card" that you can apply to the transportation company that saves you the trouble of explaining why you need the seat! :) so cool right?! lol singapore might have to start this instead... but on the other hand i can envision it being abused...

justaneagle said...

I agree that person is rude.

From the tafsir i read,

"Never forcefully ask a person to give up his seat".

But the world is a play and a test and we're just visitors in this world. :)

Maybe your article sounds a bit rude, but i do not like articles that may be written in a negative point of view.

But everyone is entitled to their own opinions. However, their opinion must be based accordingly.

Especially Al-Quran and Sunnah.

Muhammad Nuzaihan said...

With the comment i gave above,

Giving up a seat is Iman.

Patience is half of Iman.

Muhammad Nuzaihan