"It's Ok. Let Him Play"

I find that with Tufeil crawling, its easier to get work done.

If i wanna pack my EBM, i carry him to the kitchen, put him on the floor and do my thing. I used to hafta wait till he's sleeping.

Or if i wanna prepare some snack for myself i dont hafta carry him in one hand and spread the bread with one and a half hand. muscle straining ley!

If i wanna eat... ill let him play on the floor and me next to him propping plate on my hand (bertatang).

Syifaa' is like a second mother to him. Lol. She would say, "No, Tufeil tak boleh. Ini kakak punye." (No, Tufeil. cannot. This is mine.) or "Tak boleh nanti jatuh." (You'll fall) or whatever.

I rarely say NO, actually. As far as i'm concerned, he can play with anything. He scratches my face. Ok. He plays with the remote control. No Problem. Hold or Play with his food and mess his shirt. That's alright too. Provided i'm watching all the time.

He's besotted with this vase. Thank god its made of rattan and fake flowers.

He likes to chew non-existent sireh / paan / betel leaves.

"C'mon, Mummy. Let's go already!"

Sunglasses courtesy of Mak Ngah

Just one thing that's diff. Diaper Changing. Need i say more! Pull-ups are a life saviour!!

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