No-Bake Rice Krispies Treat

I was trawling the net for some simple Eid cookies when i stumbled upon this site:

My Fellow Al-Maarifians! Remember Cik Lah used to sell these back in... 1999?
It's almost impossible to find this now in Singapore and I was all for making it!!! But because we already had too much cookies, i had to postpone it. And Tufeil's Children's Day celebration just beckoned me to serve this.
First, let's go get the ingredients.

We went to Sheng Siong one weekday night because my sis also wanted to get Children's day goodies for her students as well. 

I like this trolley! Can pull him in it!

After awhile he got tired and wanted to help push it instead.

Back at home, melt 3 tbs butter (150gm) in a big pot... and then 300 gm marshmallows...
The forgot tt the recipe actly called for WHITE marshmallows! So the effect became kinda brown...
After all melted, pour in 6 cups (250gm x 6) of Rice Krispies and fold until all is mixed well.

I hafta warn you tho tt it's kinda difficult with this stickiness. Buttered utencils are recommended. Oh luckily, I grabbed a second box of the cereal otherwise it won't be enough!

You're supposed to line the baking pan in which you're gonna pour this into with butter  / oil or wax paper.

I just use foil.
Then wait for it to set (no longer sticky) before you cut them into squares.

The other suggestion by the author was to put in mini cups.

I wasn't sure if she did it AFTER the treat is set or before... so I tried both ways. But you need two pairs of hands for this because it hardened quick quickly. My mum actually suggested that i should just leave it on the stove top on slow fire to prevent it from setting. Hmmm im scared of heat but shall try that next time. Hope to do it again this sunday for Syifaa's birthday party =D

Turned out there are several creative ways to sweeten up your Krispies Treats!

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4 glasses of Juice:

Norza said...

Was gonna do rice krispies treat too for children's day cos i have so much leftover marshmallows frm prev baking. But i made smore brownies instead. Were did u get the krispie treats?? Cant find them in ntuc here.

Jussaemon said...

I got them at Sheng siong thefirst time. Then at ntuc woodlands but i also saw at cold storage. Maybe it was just out of stocks...?

Sandra said...

I've always mixed them by hand (clean of course) putting a bit of butter on my hands first. Easier to wash up and the butter makes hands soft!

Jussaemon said...

Yup I did try to use my hands but im too scared of the heat.. haha