Going out w 4 Work Friends

Sunday 25th June 2011

Ok this is grossly outdated but important nonetheless to write about our first Hari Raya outing with 3 other friends from work. Actually this is the first time I go visiting with colleagues in all my 10year career (excluding a couple of open houses from donkey years ago).

What made it so sweet was all of our children are about the same age...

First house was mine @ 10.30am. Yani picked June up cause they live nearby. When they moved off, I was just about to hit the shower after settling my baby and my Beef Meatloaf and mashed potatoes. he he he... As a result, I was so busy, I didn't get to snap any pictures from my place.

Afterwards, we headed to Midah's place which is very near mine.

From left: Midah's girl Sophia, Tufeil, Yani's Hasha and Hanisah
(Sorry if I got the spelling wrong!)

Midah cooked for us Nasi Minyak and Chicken Curry
Not pictured: Yani! and the only other boy is June's Daaris

Why do boys like to play their cars lying down like that?

An attempt to get all the kids together
And then, all 4 of us adults and 5 kids got in one car and proceeded to June's place 25min away....

I was totally blown away when I discovered that June had the same bed set I had when I was single! Its one with 2 steps up to get to the desk... and  your bed is hidden underneath! But while I had two single beds that you can pull out, hers got more storage in place of the second one.

Best of all is Daaris' room...
Full of toys!!!

All the kids entertained themselves in the room, while us adults talked...

All of us ... except Hasha who helped to take this photo.

Hasha & Tufeil
Look at how tenderly T looked at Hasha. LOL

Last house, Yani's. Tufeil was getting crankier cos he hadn't hap his nap and it was already... 3pm? He cried and cried wanting me to carry him to look at the fish tank altho it was well within his view! Somehow we managed to distract him with more toys... A short while later he was found to have sampled some plasticine -_- I think we managed to get most of it out tho...

The 4 of us... and a half. LOL
The day ended about 5pm... Midah dropped by my house because she wasn't able to make it in the morning... Tufeil was asleep and refused to be laid down. SO I had to serve my friend literally single-handedly. LOL

Anyways, it was sooo fun we promised to go out with the kids again sometime. =)

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