Hitam manis hitam manis

Hmmm semlm balik mummy masak asam pedas. she used to cook asam pedas a lot when i was still in sch that i got sick of it and still am not enthusiastic about it. But last night's asam pedas was something else man! It taste not too sour and the sweetness is just nice to my taste. i put extra kuah on my rice until it seems like the tail of the ikan merah is swimming in my plate. and something that never missed in my asam pedas dish is kicap!!!

I was helping myself to second round of rice and was about to pour myself some kicap when my mum shouted, "Eh!!!!!! JANGAN AMIK KICAP DARI SITU LAH!!!!" in my heart i thought eh takkan nak amik kicap pon tak boleh? kan memang utk semorang. kwl takleh amik asal letak kat dapur which is accessible to everyone>? sikit2 pon nak marah. aku tak bersalah!!!

Mum : pergi amik yg kat dlm fridge. tak nampak ke ni kicap nye?

EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! the first bottle i took from got some white stuffs inside!! and its less than 1 month old! and i was totally oblivious to it before!!1 I cant imagine all those stuffs running into my throat and made puking noises aloud.

Mum: (jokingly) Eleh... action nak termuntah konon... tadi makan kurang main sedap lagi!

I suddenly got overwhelmed with guilt for thinking all those stuffs that split second earlier!


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