So I'm not at Work

These are the bare basics that need to be done in this free week that i have:

  1. Change bedsheet
  2. Vacuum and mop the room
  3. Pack my bag
  4. File my Tax return and at the same time file away all my bills (before it get stacked for another 2 years!!)
  5. Clear my computer table that's riddled with CDs and other rubbish
  6. Rearrange my bedsheet cupboard/drawer whatever u call it.

Have i gotten any of this done yet?

Monday 16/3

Nope no contractions whatsoever.

Somehow all the girls in the house were at home this day. We went to Causeway Point for lunch. Swensen's had a 1-for-1 weekday lunch treat and we had a gale of a time!

As usual, we MUST shopped or window shopped a bit when we're at the shopping centre. Finally bought the bedsheet and some pillows to decorate the cot. (Babies are not supposed to sleep on pillows else they might choke or suffocate.)

By the time we reached home it was already 5:30! and Zubair was already home so attended to him lah. After that, its already too late to start on any chore.

Thought of checking in on my temp. She was quiet all day. But hm... oh nevermind!

I was in bed by 1am but was too restless to sleep. I said to Z, "I think im hungry" and he said he was too. So i had to get up and fixed ourselves Z's version of scrambled eggs and 5 slices of ghee buttered bread. A housewife indeed! If it had been a work night, no chance of me doing this!

Tues 17/3

Today is toiletries shopping day. Z has an appointment at 2pm so we had a super quick lunch at KFC and got food n stuffs @ NTUC at thunder speed.

Entertained a call from the office. short n sassy. ok fine. the call was after 12nn too as i requested.

Should be a good day to start on the list of things to do.... Hmmm but i hafta climb up the taller ladder to reach the bedsheet cupboard. That's a man thing to do and he's not at home. Then i got distracted by the computer and the rest is history.

Wed 18/3

i woke up pretty early today @ 10am. And then i entertained a guest, My maternal uncle actually, while munching away a banana, several slices of kek lapis etc etc...

Had a short nap (hehe) and then attended to the Hub while he got ready to go out.

Today my hp was hot. I got many smses from caring and concerned friends asking how i'm doing if there's any signs yet. One even asked what have i been doing at home. To which the answer is Blissfully and at the same time guiltily nothing. hehe

However, the bulk of the call was from the office. Apparently, She's finishing off a report we had been working on before i left and wanted to be sure she got it right.

I was also out with a friend for 2hours enjoying a treat of Ice Blended Choc and Cinnamon Roll. That's another excuse not to do any work. *wink*

NOw tmrw is hospital appointment day. HOpefully they won't admit me yet as i'm still trying to hang in there for a family BBQ this Sun! Baby, please cooperate ok? Surely u wanna eat Mak Ngah's Goreng Pisang, Nenek's Beef steak and BBQ Wholesale's otak2? If you're out already, all u get to eat is... BMilk! hehehe

Im also putting on a sliver of hope that I can get somebody to help me with Nos 1,2 and 6. *hint hint*

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