First Day as a Temporary Housewife

Sat 14/3

The day started at midnight. The familiar period pain came back. It wasn't very painful but this time it came in spasms of a few mins every 15min intervals. Could this be it? Thankfully Zubair was at home and i told him to be prepared.. But we waited it out. I slipped in and out of sleep as i tot i should better conserve the energy and sleep as much as i could before the real thing gets in the way.

Maybe the pain just needed Z to comfort me to sleep cause as soon as he turned in, the pain also subsided.

I had only 1 group to teach today as the 2nd one went to Malaysia. The one week sch break is here after all. Decided to make today the last day of my Sat classes too to end it nicely at 4th lesson and 2nd lesson respectively so payment won't be too diff to calculate.

Zubair was due to go off for some class, performance or other.... I asked what would he like for bfast, omelette? At first he said that he was afraid i wouldnt make it as nice as he would himself. I told him to give me a chance.

So i beat 3 eggs into a bowl along with a spoonful of blended onions, ground chilli and cumin seeds. That's the way he likes his egg. i've fried and scrambled it all... and felt something was amiss. GASP! I FORGOT THE DAMN SALT! ARghhhhh

After some deliberation, i decided to threw that batch and made another one! Paisey paisey paisey! So silly of me. after that i buttered some ghee on 3 slices of bread and toasted them over the pan too and Z LOVES them. Yayyyyyy Success!!

He was in a hurry after spending time having his bfast... but i noticed he was wearing yesterday's shirt and so i quickly ironed for him another one for him to wear properly. =D (All these while he irons his own shirt reason being im at work 5 days a week n he's mostly at home)

Weeee i CAN do this housewife thingy. The feeling is.... nice!

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1 glasses of Juice:

Nisa AK said...

awwww, ur all grown up now :P feeling nice abt being a temp housewife and all :D
What a bliss, to be on a longgg break! Enjoy! ;)