Pasta Mania's OVERRATED

14th Feb 09

Zubair has been wanting to give me a treat @ Fish & Co. But i've been rejecting... delaying etc... mainly bcos the last time i ate fish & Chip, my blood sugar level hit 9.6 when it should have stayed less than 7!

Then i saw on the papers that they are serving a special VDay menu only available on 13th and 14th Feb 09. I called up the Bugis Junction outlet to make a table reservation but unfortunately they dont take bookings for these two hot nights. Queue will be EXTREMELY Long i imagine.

So we decided to try out PAsta Mania then, which has just turned HALAL.

I met Zubair @ Marriott @ 8:30pm as he was from Bukit Timah. And he said that he saw there's a Pasta Mania at Far East Plaza and we started walking towards there.

As it turned out, it was an ALL Al fresco dining style. read: HOT!!!!!

Yummy looking menu

This is a VEry hungy Look

I got a very confused perception of this restaurant. I am not sure whether it is a fast food or a real restaurant. You see... they hand out menus at the table... We can call on the attendant for Chilli sauce or any other things but we hafta go over to the counter to place our order and pay there. Also the menu is VERY fast food like with choices of 3 diff set meals to go along w the main dishes etc etc...

And then the food came...

Zubair had Turkey Bacon Aglio

t was disappointing at best. The serving was SUPER Small. Granted, they allow u to "UPSIZE" ur pasta for an additional $2.20 or something. But a small portion for $10 WITHOUT drinks?
And just look at the plate... sooo dry... not much gravy at all!!

I had a Chicken Basil Pizza

(How come i look so evil? as tho i was about to attack the pizza!)

7" $10. Hmmm the dough was crispy which is just how i like it... but to me its not like REAL pizza lah... Perhaps lacking that tomato base. PLUS, its more like a SNACK for our ravenous selves. Zubair said its nice to the taste though...

Oh well, what could we possibly do other than go in search of more nutritional supplements. To make up for the guilt of eating too much, we walked to Plaza Singapura all the way from Far East Plaza! oh well... almost. Along the way, we made window shopping stops including one at John Little. I wanted to finally buy toiletries for the baby but seeing all those things was overwhelming i just cldn't decide what to buy. But both Z and i agreed we should get the baby carrier first as opposed to the stroller. and a nice one that can carry front and back would come up to about $120.

Along the way, we saw Swensen's and it'd be the PERFECT venue for supper + dessert! But damn the Queue was super duper long... AT LEAST 25 tables worth. Cldn't be bothered to Q so persevered with the walk.

At John Little, we've already covered 2 bus stops and decided we could not even stand anymore after close to 1hr... so took the bus and had ICE CREAM!!

At last got my TRUE waffle. I should remember that its called a BELGIAN waffle this kinda thick, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside waffle.

I managed to look evil at EVERY food shot.
Worse, not many pple managed to take a proper STILL picture of me from the new hp.

Z ordered for just plain strawberry ice cream but ended up having most of my mango sorbet. Chet! So im still left unsatisfied.

When we reached Woodlands, we had a fries snack @ BK. But still Z felt the need to go to Al-Ameen right after he sent me home. But only ended up home an hour later disappointed that Tom Yam was not available (or so he said) and whipped himself his special omelette @ 2:30am.

Should i feel guilty eating like a glutton all night long? Probably not. As we all know, on weekends and Public HOlidays, calories don't count. *wink*

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