Baby's Cot

This is the Baby cot Zubair bought from Kiddy Palace last week.

LATIDO red+Black colour @ S$210!

One night Syifaa' insisted on being carried into the cot despite my explanation that this is for baby and she's a BIG girl now. So in the end, we compromised that she can get in but can only sit down nicely and not jump jump around.

Zubair was not around that time. If he were, he'd definitely say cannot. I'm weak in that sense (or u can also say ine very sense). Always give in to a child's request... or rather... tantrum. hah. He can easily scare Syifaa' out of the room by GROWLING like the bear he is. hehe... and she will run away squealing.

ANYWAYs!!! the cot is taking too much of our bedroom space! I've asked Z to dismantle it first cos we had 6 weeks more to go then. It has been 1.5weeks now. Because the baby hasnt arrived yet, its the BARANG-BARANG (things) that are residing inside. GRRRRRR...

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7 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

Caca, the playpen looks so nice! Waah, Zubair really splurged on the baby! hehe..

Jussaemon said...

hehe Thank you... Yeah he did... let's hope we make FULL USE of it.

But so funny when he wanted to assemble it, it was frustratingly difficult he blamed the Made in China label. LOL

Anonymous said...

LOL! didn't the sales assistant show him how to assemble it? oh btw, dont assemble n dismantle it too often, bcoz the catch may get loose and there's no way to fix it once its loose or broken..

N said...

It is nice for daddy to dote on the baby. Dont get too jealous ok mummy. :)

You should pack your hospital bag and have it on standby.

Jussaemon said...

Oops.. tt wont do for an exp purchase!

im soooo gonna be jlos... but at least the bright side is i will get some ME time and leave HIM with the baby. HA HA

Anonymous said...

not sure if u will feel like this, but for me, when hubby dotes on baby i feel like he's doting on me too! cos baby is part of mommy kan :) i always feel this rush of happiness when i see D fussing or playing with 'Umar.

i think its really sweet of Z :)

Jussaemon said...

Nice that u look at it positively.

But i can tell you i can't feel that way cos Z makes it a point to "tease" me and say to baby, "Look at your mother, she's so..... APE JE (and etc)" and things like, "Dont be like ur mother..." bla bla bla *roll eyes*

It's more that the baby should NOT FOLLOW Z! Humph! *GERAM ni jgn main main!*