My Birthday Present


It was a Sunday. I can't remember where we were from but on the way home, we decided to "walk" off those calories at Causeway Point and browsed in Body Shop. They were having a big post Xmas sale (Already!).

We were just window shopping and were about to leave when suddenly Zubair remembered, "Hey! what do you want for your bday? Take anything you like from here lah."

So i decided on this

Peppermint Foot Treat pack which consists of:

Mini Heel Buffer

The Foot Spray, the very reason i wanted the pack

Cooling Foot Lotion

As well as Scrub.

The choice i made reflects how much my feet were hurting at that moment.

I've been thinking of getting a Sponge as well.

At that time i was elated! This is my First Birthday Present from the (2nd or maybe 3rd) most important person in my life
But now when i think back... Looking at the date, i think i know what triggered him to remember. (Don't Ask)

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