Zubair's Fish Methi

We went grocery shopping on Fri after my check ups. Bought some items for Zubair's Food.

Only Monday did he get to cook it. Cos only dalcha, sambal goreng, and sardine were available at home which we both dont really fancy.

We asked the Supermarket Aunty to slice 1 Red Snapper into fillet. Don't want the bones. It cost $13 to get only 2 sides of fish. Wah piang eh!

The ingredients

I dont really know what Zubair put in this gravy cos he just threw in ingredients, tasted, adjusted, bla bla bla...

Besides, my duty was to only bring down the hanging laundry and wash utensils / cockery... Other than that, he told me to go and rest. How Nice. Felt guilty though.

The End Result!

Syabbash to Zubair!

So we had dinner past 11pm. tsk tsk tsk... then unfortunately, the square bread left 3 slices only, so i gave him lah. I ate with rice but they do don't go together lah. The methi smell stuck on my fingers till the next morning. Yummy!

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3 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

looks yummy!

Zubair Bhai, kasi resipi boleh tak?

Jussaemon said...

Actually i lebih suka klw lebih kuahnye. and the fish pon hancur sikit. dia kata patutnye kena goreng the ikan first.

He doesnt know exact recipe also... just... follow the heart that's yearning to be home. LOL

Anonymous said...

hehe...maybe Ms Fara can tell us the recipe then? :p