Zubair the Working Man

It's been 4 days since he started working.

Fortunately, he had a very nice flexible boss friend who gave him a few hours off once a week or occasionally to do his music thing.

Mummy and Ayah accepted Zubair's invitation to dine at his work place on Sat night. We reached there close to 9:30pm and it was rather empty already bearing in mind they close at 11pm. But Zubair said that in the morning it was SUPER PACKED... i can imagine all the Indon maids + the wet market goers would order their satay b4 gg home or something.

I wished i had come earlier though cos all the cheap shops are sooooooooo tempting! I need those babydoll dresses, hello! And a new pair of sandals... Sighhh when else can i visit?

You could prolly guess where we are if u see that famous booth in the background

Zubair said, "Thank god you guys came. Now i have an excuse to sit down for awhile." Poor him.

I had Mee Hailam, Ayah Fish & Chips and mummy satay.
It amazed us how the seemingly small kitchen could whip up our dishes let alone the weekend lunch crowd!

Although the neighbouring shops were all closed by the time we left at 10:15pm, a couple new patrons came in shortly after to have their supper! Again we're surprised.

Zubair's task is not so much waiting tables as it is a cashier. They've got a Nepali who's conversant in Malay to take orders and several other Indians to fan the satay on the grill. So i enviously said to Zubair, "Hey it was MY ambition to be a cashier, you know!" LOL seriously... that was like when i was 10yrs old?

As it turned out, there's a van that sends the workers home up north so that sorta pacify me a bit. Even then he only reach home 12:30am =(

I hope he will last at least 6months here.

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2 glasses of Juice:

Nisa AK said...

congratz on the new job xubi bhai! Dun be surprised to see me and mr sheikh dropping by acha :P

nadia said...

Zubair bhai aur aap ko boht boht mubarak ho :) I wish I could drop by with Masood for dinner.