Tuesday Sickie A Bliss


We ordered the Tom Yam Pizza Delight Meal that came with:

Mango Surprise!

And waffle fries. Of course this drumlets are additional.

The 2 girls in the background of the 1st picture ordered and ate a baked pasta/rice each, Soup, and a small thin crust pizza. They still had another personal pan pizza but they packed it to go in the end. No wonder they are of that size! Gosh i could barely finish my 3rd slice of Pizza. And i wonder how the Americans finish their SuperSize Pizzas.
Yesterday morning i was in the office and sneezing like non stop till my nose became like a clown.

By 10am, i decided i cldnt take it anymore so went to get an mc from the doctor despite it gonna be unpaid.

Reached home 12:30, managed to nap for 1hr when i heard my room door being closed. Zubair's home!!

It's his off day Tuesday but he has to coach a group of nursery children in the morning and another group in the afternoon. At first i got frustrated to learn about the morning session as i tot he only had 1. But when i told him i got the flu, He came home soon after and promised we could get that waffle ice cream later in the afternoon b4 his 2nd session.

As it turned out we slept thru to 4pm. we BOTH had the flu and so he skipped the 2nd group. And me, my flu was gone by then tho i was still sniffing away. I concluded that i missed my husband so much, my body couldn't take it. :D So after receiving hugs from him, i got better.

We went to Pizza Hut for dinner. I took 2 pictures (of food) and wanted to upload but dont know why the writing toolbar disappeared! Dont know blocked or just blogger getting haywire.

But it was the loveliest time in a very longgggggggggggggggg time. heheh becos i had been angry with him on and off for the past 3 weeks or so that we didnt really talk very much. It even felt like i gotta know this guy all over again and his face almost looked diff / foreign to my eyes.

For a change, he was quite verbal last night. He shared an incident where he told off an indon maid acting the Queen while dining at his restaurant.

I noticed that when the first waiter sent out drinks and soup, Zubair looked at him in the eye and said, "Thank you." i said to Z, "Wah u appreciate waiters now huh." He said that he always appreciate waiter. Ok ok, i said, MORE appreciative then. To that he said, "Yeah lah... just for you i'm doing this... working 7 days a week... even had to wash dishes... But u still say 'I hate you'.. i felt hurt..."

If we werent in a public place, i would have broken down and cried and hugged him to no end. This hormone is making me crazy. That morning i was soo disappointed when he told me he was busy whereas i was expected to spend some time with him that i smsed him, "I hate you. You never tell me anything!" But in the end.. he made a lot of compromises and sacrifices as of late, and even give in to me. Good. He'd better!

Me, i gotta learn to be less selfish and be more appreciative of this person who's trying very hard to earn for his family back home as well as the baby growing in me.

I was soo overwhelmed with love that when he told me he had to drop by a certain lady's house, i didn't mind. Although, it really was a good excuse for me to get some time playing game on the computer. LOL But the best part was.. he kept true to his word.. he was home by 10:40pm, which is miraculous! hehe =)

He also opened up to some financial woes he's facing. And i feel so guilty that i have been pressing him for money to go to my next check up which is also our major scanning appt. His salary won't be in yet. So i suggested that we postpone this scanning lah. Sure i could pay for it myself but that would belittle his need to be responsible for the baby.. Besides, i like the feeling of being paid for. =) What Z said is true though, "OUr parents or grandparents generation didnt go to any scan but we all lived ok what. Allah is Our Hafiz (Protector)"

I'm just hoping this is the start of many good things ahead.

Oh The other thing i've learnt is that, with guys, you really need to S-P-E-L-L it out to them, otherwise they just won't get it no matter how obvious it may seem to us. *wink* So ladies, SAY WHAT YOU WANT TO THEM! Want a ring? Quit bringing him round to endless jewelery stores, SAY IT OUT LOUD.

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6 glasses of Juice:

nadia said...

Regarding the writing toolbar, I think you need to chose "YES" in the "Show Compose Mode for all your blogs?" in the Settings -> Basic

Just check, maybe that's the culprit in the case of the missing toolbar :)

Jussaemon said...

Thanks. I checked its yes. Normally it works fine. I think my IT dept might be fiddling to try to restrict me from writing/uploading pictures that is using a lot of company's bandwidth. LOL

farrah said...

haha agree with u on ur observation about guys. my husband also can be very very dense. i can hint hint hint until the cows come home but nothing will happen until i tell him in detailed specifics exactly what i want

Nur said...

hehehe.... glad u realised tat... its true tat with guys.. no point hinting... jus tell them straight. else they simply wont geddit.

Jussaemon said...

So glad im not alone.

I just dont wanna be labelled "demanding" (when saying the things i want) nor "Naggy" (when telling how i feel).


rina ruzanna said...

oh no, now u make me crave for drumlets.

anyway, yup, my boss gave me a US$100 reward for the help rendered. :)