Men Are Such Slobs!

For the first 24yrs of my life, i lived with 3 other women in the house and a very neat man, my father.

I was accused of living like a boy when i put my dirty laundry at one corner of the floor in my room. It's just sometimes other pple are in the bathroom so i had to wait till later to dump them in the laundry basket ok.

But i was in for a rude shock when i got married and afterwards.

It seems that Paki guys or perhaps guys in general more often than not will leave their plates / cups / glasses on the table after eating. I said Paki guys bcos it was very apparent when i was in Pak that they let the women do ALL the chores. So i can't really blame Zubair for leaving his dirty dishes bcos he was brought up that way. However, we are living in Singapore and the culture is diff. So i told him that the least i expect him to do is put them in the sink so they wont dry up and make hell of washing later.

Also, when he took to eating in the room, i clearly say that I HATE ANTS and leaving plates in the room will attract them!! So he put them on the floor and surprisingly no ants ever came to his plates or glasses. But just to prove my point, i WON"T take the plates away FOR him. I will leave it till he picked them up himself. I know.. i'm so mean. or maybe lazy. LOL

Then i found out that Zubair is not alone in this "habit".

I was surprised when i read in one of Marian Keyes' (Irish) books, "(he) putting back the empty milk carton in the fridge." A check with a friend to see if her husband does that too generated this response in my mind, Oh! It's a worldwide problem with guys, I see.

It baffles me how it could escape these guys' minds that leaving AN EMPTY MILK CARTON in the fridge is sheer... sheer.... i dont even have the word for it! haha

Even the French seems to have this habit.

My colleague has the decency to bring his dirty cups from his desk to the dry pantry. But it's the most irritating thing in the world ok trying to scrub the coffee stains off the porcelain cups! What irked me was, Although i serve tea & coffee to guests and clear up after them, it is not within my job scope to wash my colleague's glasses - i'm no cleaning lady! Damn! Even my very MALE boss washes his own cup ok.

After months and months of trying to think of how to tell it to this guy... i finally included a line in a btw manner in an email. "Also, if possible, don't let used coffee cups dry overnight and/or over the weekend. At the very least, soak them at the sink, ok? =) "

And then All is well.

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11 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

tell me about it!!


nadia said...

Hehe, fortunately for me, Masood is a responsible person around the house: he puts his used clothes in the laundry basket, doesn't tuck away dirty socks in shoes, helps clear the table after meals, and washes his own cup if I'm busy elsewhere :)

I think I'm the one who's lazy :D

Horizon said...

Well, I think cleaning our own plates and glasses is a good habit and should be practice in all cultural.

Jussaemon said...

Haha Nadia.. no need to say i know already. You've got yourself the perfect husband. =)

O oh is Fahim Bhai gonna be angry at me for this? lol

Horizon.. yeah sure it is... i just cldnt speak for any other culture so i specified it to spore.

Fahim's Blog said...

Eh.. come to our all male office you will fine that out of four of us sharing the pantry, only one leaves the plates and utensils dirty while three of us wash our own plates, and cups after using them and I am talking about Karachi, which is very much located in Pakistan and all of us are Pakistanis to the very core :D The only one who leaves them dirty has five sisters and takes the pride in the fact that he does not know how to even make the tea because his sisters never let him do the work.

Oh by the way home is another story. We go by the rule that if we are taking care of the stuff outside the house ladies have to manage the things within the house. we never insisted that ladies should drive the car, pay the bills at the bank, get the groceries from the neighborhood market (and I am not talking about shopping centres here). Neither did we ever insisted that ladies should go and deal with the issues as and when they arise which are needed to be settled by men. So if we are playing our due part, ladies should do their due part as well to keep the balance. By the way I spent good seven years of my life living as a bachelor alone and I used to take care of everything right from washing the plates to ironing my clothes and cleaning the toilet. So now I am married I should have the luxury to be spared of all these things while I take responsibility of other stuff as a family stuff! Agreed ladies :D.. I am sure my wife will have some strong opinions on this issue :D

nadia said...

Hehe, he's not at all perfect, Jus. He's just trying to be a good husband :)

Jussaemon said...

Yes... i meant to exclude Men who has ever lived abroad alone (not married) and independently.. say studying overseas and such. Just wanna see how many guys would write comments ;) At least with that kinda training they can "help around" when needed when the wife is busy. Not like that colleague of yours. Ergh. I'm so turned off ok!

So its true then when Z said that Men dont even like to see women at the provision shops etc?

Nisa AK said...

Ewww, jus tell ur colleague to go fly kites! he shud wash his own cups!
gosh i cant help but notice how my brothers wud have said exactly what fahim said! LOL
sorry wana, its all abt the culture :P:P:P

Anonymous said...

ya ya but maybe we can go a little bit against the culture and hv the mother teach about basic courtesy and cleanliness when it comes to such things. thank u very much :)


Fahim's Blog said...

If anyone out there thinks that Pakistani men are not taught the manners, especially clean the table, washing the dishes or putting the pots at the right place, he/she is mistaken. Actually typically when try to do this stuff when ladies jump in to stop us do this they actually are saying, "why are interfering in our business? Mind your own business because we know our stuff better. Do we interfere with your stuff when you go and buy the groceries, meat and run the errands". So it is more about distribution of work and a system of non-interference in each other's domain.

Mrs Umer f.k.a Miss Sue said...

hehe... okay but i have to give my hubby and FIL credit and am thankful too as they are super neat freaks and help out with the household chores too.. in that way I'm lucky but in the same family and blood my BIL is different...he doesn't do any housework even though we stay in the same house! and yes he expects me and MIL to clean up after him most of the time... hmm despite the thanks he give it will be much better if he cleans up after himself right?