Visa Expiry Countdown

11 days to go before Zubair's Long Term Visit Pass expires.

I was super stressed last friday when the thought finally dawned on me that we still haven't quite done anything about it.

As plane ticket to Pakistan is expensive, the initial option was to get him a M'sian or Bangkok tourist visa and come back after a few days.

The good news is that there is no specific guideline as to the number of days foreigner has to be away before coming in again with a fresh visa. The bad news is, to get even a TOURIST visa for both of the above country, he needs to hold one of these long term passes:

  1. Permenant Residency

  2. Employment Pass

  3. Work Permit

  4. Dependant's Pass

  5. Student's Pass

I'm stumped. I wanted to just go ahead an try arguing that LTVP = Dependant's pass. But but but.... i just couldn't do it. My spirits were down. My head confused as hell.

In any case this tourist visa will take 1 week to process. Then the new social visit pass will take another 3 days if done online. Will i be able to make the deadline????

2nd Option: To get formal work. HAH! Work Permit application would take 1 week giving us 1 week to finalise with prospective employer if any. Panic panic panic!!

3rd Option: Beg ICA for extension. (it is supposed to be non-renewable ie non-extendable)

4th Option: Beg to Pak Embassy to help do something for Zubair in relation to the above 3 options or sponsor his ticket back home. HAHA.

Then, Z called me up to say that we might be called upon on Sat night to a top notch Paki business owner to discuss how "easy" it is to register a company. Takes just one day. Bloody Hell. It hurts me so much i felt like punching somebody. How dare they carelessly say its VERY EASY to do it. Make it sound like we or rather I havent done my job properly.

Yeah sure the business registration itself will take max 2 days. BUT to get the correct pass for him to stay in Singapore to be able to actually RUN the business will take 6 freaking weeks ok! This guy, his friend, also said to just simply submit 3 other Singaporean's CPF accounts then we can issue a work permit for Z. Excuse me but its not that simple.

Firstly, we have to pay the salary of these Singaporeans that we declare work for the partnership. Secondly, we would need to file taxes and gazillion other official documents.

It hurts when he can easily dismiss what the people I know said when they claimed its EASY to get work permit, or its EASY to get visa to M'sia. But no... i can never ever EVER put down what HIS friends say. "He is a top businessman ok" Sure the least i could do was "LISTEN" to this guy's ideas and accept his help. But im pretty sure our circumstances are different.

When last night he said he had another friend saying its EASY to get an Indon visa, i said, "Then GO GO ask your friend to do it for you." I'm so boiling with anger right now! BEcause apparently, the indonesian visa is even tougher to apply for as they require the application to come thru Pakistan itself rather than Singapore. What the!

To complicate things more, i was torn between going to Eid visiting with my friends the next day or not. Z already told me well in advance he doesnt wanna participate but urged me to join them. And im like, Gosh i dont wanna go out w my friends and their husbands if my OWN husband is not around. Makes me look and feel like shit. I know you guys would disagree because there are other singles in the group also but no, you can't imagine what im going thru ok.

I wanted to strike a bargain with him that he could at least go to 2 or 3 places but he announced that he had a performance or practice or whatever gobshite. I am beyond caring.

So what if the visa expires?

On bad days i would go like, "Go to Hell. I dont care." On Good days i would just say, 'OH feck it!"

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