Pakistani Night @ Fara's House

As i was from the office and Zubair from home, we planned to meet at Tampines Mall McDonalds, shopped a bit and headed our way.

Suddenly i wgot confused and thought out loud "O oh. What bus goes to Fara's house?" Z stopped me in my track and told me to be very very sure before we proceed so as not to waste energy and time going in the wrong direction, we were already so hungry! haha.

I contemplated surrendering to a cab from TM BUT looking at how the cabs hafta make a big detour turned me off. I just thought hard and i exclaimed, "Yes! 21! i remember now." Z made me say i was doubly triply sure. I said, "Yes im sure and that's the bus."

We missed the one and waited for like 20min for the next one!!!! I suspect we could have reached there earlier if we had just walked instead.

I havent surveyed the map for the specific block location but i roughly thought that Blk 230X should be near Blk 230 which is 3 stops away. But at the 2nd stop, Z said its here its here. While i was quite sure it wasnt the 3rd stop yet, i just heeded his instructions and got down. If anything goes wrong, i can just blame him. haha

So i prepared myself to trudge on 200m or so... By all the forces of goodness that was bestowed on us last night, we decided to cross the road there n then as opposed to the next junction ahead. As it happened, i accidentally saw the block no. Lo and Behold, its blk 230X!

We finally reached Fara's house around 8:15pm last night.

There were not many guests around so we got the host and hostess' full attention. Yayy-ness.

Z actually asked Fara what's she cooking tonight. She teased him saying she cooked Malay dishes. To that Z said, "To be frank, im only here for the Pakistani food. If you're cooking Malay food, im going home right now." LOL

While waiting for our turn to eat, i played with her two girls and had fun listening to the guys talking in Urdu. They were also making remarks about the Indian soap operas on Star Plus and the likes that has been running for like 10 years. Pple die and then returned alive blardi blardi bla...

And so finally.... The Spread.

The cute round things are the Shami Kebabs. Anti clockwise from there are the raw veges, Dhal, Aloo Gobi (Potato & Cauliflower), Chicken cooked Red Spicy version, Mint Yoghurt and mutton something.

The Carbo available are: as Sabrina, the 1st daughter, put if, Rainbow Rice, Hmm Pakistani white rice as well as Hmm Pakistani Pratha.

That's Z with Aslam and 2nd daughter, Wusqa.

I hafta tell you that the Shami Kebab is excellent!!! VERY SPicy! The mutton is also spicy. But i still couldn't pluck a courage to try yoghurt.

Fa: You came all the way here to just eat white rice?
As: Nevermind, let him eat. He knows its not just any white rice.

I had a plate of the Rainbow rice first then took a piece of the HUGE pratha. When Z finished his 2nd plate of rice, he started to tear half of my pratha.

As : Eh let her eat lah, you take new one
Z : I know her, she cannot finish one
Me : What makes u think so? Today i feel extra hungry.

As it turned out, he knows me better than i know myself! LOL right after i finished half, i slowed down finishing the rest. but i DID finish it lah. and Z DID finish his whole pratha too.

Ok so we've finished, and a 2nd group arrived, so we retreated to the sofa while waiting for Tea to come and i continued to play with the girls. This time she's got a balloon with her. We were passing the balloon to and fro. The fan was blowing just behind us and i either kept missing to catch the balloon or it bounced right back (cos of the short distance). To my horror of horrors.... The balloon knocked down two glasses of coke on the coffee table nearby on its own accord!!!!


I felt soooo guilty. The hosts kept reassuring me its ok, this kinda thing MUST happen. But it broke my heart when Sabrina cowered to the other end of the room and kept apologising with tremendous fear in her voice, "It's an accident, Abboo, an accident." I wanted to hug her and all but she was afraid to come to me now. Boohoohoo....

Tea came shortly and then it was time for us to take our leave...

It warmed my heart how very gracious Z was when we were leaving. He thanked everybody... Aslam's bros and the hosts.. He just seemed totally at ease saying goodbye... While me... i was actually lost for words...

I wanted to say so many things like... sorry again for the spilt drink, wet carpet, thanks for the food, all their help these while, most importantly to say the "Maaf Zahir Batin" (literally means Sorry Out In) ie the essential parting words in this festive season. But they all didnt come out... Like as tho i was having a stage fright or something. But i dont normally get stage fright on theatre's stage but Real Life's stage.

I managed to mutter some this-is-for-u-thank-u-for-inviting-us, the rest was a blur.

It was 10pm when we got to the bus stop.

Tonight had been a mix of extreme Good & Bad luck. I came home a happy girl though because this was the first night me and Z actually went out together for Eid visiting. I was sooo happy i actually lalala-ed aloud! hahaha

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4 glasses of Juice:

Nisa AK said...

Food looks gud! Too bad i had to entertain guests at home. And had bee hoon for dinner :(

Jussaemon said...

It was ALL good!!

Yeah lah you.

Rule No 1 during this festive season: Dont pick up the home phone if you intend to go out. haha

nadia said...

Yeah, food definitely looks good. So happy to know that you guys had a great time :)

I am still in the process of perfecting my shami kababs. It's one of my fav Pakistani dish.

Abid said...

It's good that you had an "up" instead of a "down" :)