Keeping the Record Straight

I dont wanna shut down this blog. One has to face the consequences of what one wrote. Also refers to Z when he writes comments. Deleting is for cowards.

Instead, i will start moderating comments and i have also closed the Express Comments section.

I will tell you that i am not at all affected by the harsh comments. They dont know what's going on. If anything, I'm amused that quite a handful of pple care enough about other pple that they felt compelled to give nasty remarks. Its ok. We're humans. Perhaps i might have said or written unthinkingly in response to somebody else's entries.

May i reiterate the reason for my blog is to conquer my fear of losing memory. If i write them, perhaps i will always remember them. Be it the good times or the bad patches. If you've been following my blog religiously, You will notice that for about 2 months i havent written anything much associated with Zubair himself unless its positive ones like his job or our dates and such. Everything else was about work.. baby and random issues.

If i were to start all over at a new blog, it won't be for close friends and family, I would write anonymously for the whole world to read. That way i get to vent my frustration without pple knowing who i actually am. I dont feel comfortable writing the bad stuffs to friends and family.

Nope. The things i write on this blog is not even 20% of the downs that i actually go thru.

Anyways, Zubair has got a waiter job at Satay Club restaurant last Tuesday. Work Permit application is in process.

Gotta go and sell my DS Lite now.

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3 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

Jus, I think you're right with opening up an anonymous blog to vent, or as you had previously suggested to me, keep it private. People, without necessarily knowing what's going on, tend to leave unsolicited advice and harsh remarks. Moderating comments has become very essential in blogging.

Congrats to both of you on Zubair's new job :)

Abid said...

Congratulations to your husband on getting a job!

Also, although I don't know you personally and have never even been to Singapore (the closest I've come is Malaysia and that was about 8 years ago), I still enjoy reading your blog.

I hope that if "the things [you] write on this blog is not even 20% of the downs that [you] actually go thru", then also the things you write on this blog are also not even 20% of the "ups" you go through!



Jussaemon said...

Khair mubarak. Thanks u guys.

Nadia, ur certainly right about the unsolicited advice part.

And Abid, In a way yeah not all Ups are recorded accurately too i suppose. You know.. the little little things we're grateful for kinda stuffs.