Zubair's First Official Stage Performance

Saturday morning, just as i was leaving the house for my 2nd class, Zubair asked me if i wanna go to see the show.

I was like, HUH?? Isn't it Sunday, 31st Aug?

No no, its tonight, up to you if u wanna go tmrw, he said.

So Zubair is attached to Temple of Fine ARts, volunteering his time n expertise to represent them as a keyboardist playing Classical Indian music. That night at the Jubilee Hall of Raffles Hotel, they are performing religious songs from Hindu, Sikhs, Christians as well as Islam with Zubair being the rep for Muslims.

But I sooo cannot tolerate last minute plans and WRONG INFORMATION!! All these while i had been anticipating for Sun night, ONLY. And as such, i was having difficulty getting anybody to come along seeing that its a fasting WORKING day the next day.

On top of that, i was annoyed at Z the previous night for coming home late (sorry, hormones lah. Makes me feel unloved if u do that, darling.)... and then i also have a hair appointment all the way at Harem, East Coast Road that all in all, i couldn't go to his performance that Sat night. Can u imagine, i left the spa at 4:45 and reached home 7pm?!?!?! Stupid 168 had to break down on me! oh well... gave me a good excuse not to be able to go to the concert! LOL

Now Sunday... I didnt have anything planned. In fact i stayed home all day. BUt i really didnt feel like going bcos

1. i wont know how to appreciate Indian Music
2. Its going to be 2 whole boring hours
3. I hafta go and return ON MY OWN, AT NIGHT.

But i wanna go bcos

1. I wanna support him,
2. A bit guilty
3. Dont wanna regret not seeing him at his glory. lol

I smsed him asking would he get offended if i dont go. What can the poor guy say, right? Of course he said, you can rest at home if u dont wanna go.

So i just let him enjoy with his friends lah.

When he reached home, he showed me some of the pictures in his hp. I was surprised to see that its an assemble of almost 70 pple on stage!!! Choir made up the bulk of it.

Guess what? The choir ladies are all so taken by him that they actually pooled some money and gave him after the event! Awww so nice...

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