The Reason for the Lack of Story...

can also become a story!

See... last weekend was spent at home. Switched between sleeping and watching Malay Doraemon on Youtube hehe. so nice! But what a time to be hooked on online shows! as in ramadhan!! But ok lah.. not THAT addicted.

Thankfully i have not been wasting too much time on games anymore. For the simple reason that there's been no good games published.

Thank god we went out for break fast last Thursday bcos Z is now busy EVERYDAY!!! he's out at 9:30am home earliest 11pm. That leaves no time for dating till end of the month! :( At least i'll get a few hours with him next Fri when i go for my check up. Yayy... i miss him much much much... cos im mostly already in bed when he reaches home. When i leave for work, he's still sleeping.

Even HE missed me so much, he asked me to come by my uncle's carpet shop yesterday after work. I was actually looking forward to eating Nasi Lemak at home and sleepy by 10pm cos was soooooooo tired. But hearing him plead to me to come cos he miss me n baby... i melted. ok Perhaps he had a hidden agenda but heck that, its nice to know you're missed and wanted :

After that, the family picked me up because they wanted to see the lights at Arab St/Bugis then to Little India (MAGNIFICENT!), Chinatown... (they had more fabulous ones previous years) and Geylang.

I recorded some videos to capture the lights... but its very BLUR that i decided against uploading them lest u guys have a bad impression of Singapore! LOL.

I also bought 2 big bags of potato chips (you know Lays - the bag is extra large!) to eat while watching Project Runway online! lol.

Can't wait to go home!

Also can't wait for the weekend. Me and sis are going to make kuih raya!! Honey Cornflakes for me and Nestum Biscuit for her. *dance around*

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5 glasses of Juice:

rinaruzanna said...

nestum biscuits or macarooons? hehehe. :p

Jussaemon said...

all of the above please. hahaha

Abid said...

Have a good weekend :)

Nisa AK said...

i know some ppl who have already completed baking like 6 diff types of cookies!! I feel worried for myself lol

Jussaemon said...

WOW. maybe she's a SUPER mom or SAHM.

Most of my cakes are INSTANT from the shop ones. just 2 or 3 we're making.