One Day Down

Monday morning, i woke up and wore my dupatta in the dark.

I cried when i turned on the lights and discovered it was already 5:30am!! Fajr / Dawn starts at 5:41am, no time to eat at all!!! I was soo disappointed, i went back to sleep. But not before deciding that i won't fast for that day.

I dont think me and baby can survive a full day at work without any food for almost 24hours!!!

I did skip sehri / sahur on Sat morning, but i only woke up for 3hours to teach at home and went back to sleep till past 5pm hehehe...

Sunday i slept the WHOLEEEE day till 2:30pm also...

My my my... what a weekend siesta. i wish i wish... i could do this everyday!! ok perhaps not everyday... that would be boring... maybe every OTHER day? HAHHAHA

After that i told Z and my mum... please please please pleaseeeeeeeeee make sure i wake up in time to have my morning meal.

Z asked me how to wake me up properly so i told him to drag my hand till im sitting in upright position. That will do.... normally.

For mummy, i think knocking on the door works the best cos Z will jump in shock, and i in return will scramble to get up also.

I dont know why nowadays i cannot move my body to wake up even though my mind is already churning, listening to the irritating endless alarm ringtone. haha Pre-marriage, i was quick to jump out of bed at the thought of food. LOL

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