Further Efforts in Job Seeking

This post is to show to people who matters to me that we shouldn't unnecessarily be too emotionally affected by what some Tom, Jane, Siti or Anonymous' commented for they don't know what we've truly faced and felt beyond the words in this blog. Take in what's good, leave what's bad.

Yeah, probably i might have written something unthoughtful and insensitive in anger and might have offended some people. For that i apologise. But the damage is done. The only way is to look forward and not lose track of my original purpose of religiously writing this blog: to not forget. I feel like being robbed if i can't recall a memory in my past when some other who shared a piece in that story remembered so clearly. I dont wanna feel that.


Last Mon, after our quick blood tests, we went to an employment agency at Golden Landmark. I had an appointment with the lady boss who happens to be my junior's mother!

Initially, we were exploring the option of getting this carpet and dates seller to get a work permit for Zubair for the month of Ramadhan. They were offering $70/day tau!! In the end, we were told that the owner only wanted locals to make things simple. Hmmm... now where have we heard that before?

Not refusing to give up, the lovely Aunty Agency (as Z named her) asked what are Z's expertise and what other types of jobs would he be willing to take. We went about telling her of Z's music exp whilst in Singapore and of whom we've been in contact to get jobs.

The most embarassing part, however, is that, we came totally unprepared. Our photocopies of certs and resumes have finished and i was sooo afraid to not make it in time to the polyclinic before they close for lunch that i told Z no time to print resume, we will email her or something. To make things worse, Z also forgot his wallet at home which includes EZ Link and Green Card.

I had to endure her telling me how to write a resume and that we should always have copies to give to prospective employers. I took it all in without a word of protest nor defense.

Upon hearing some of Z's exp, she suddenly remembered her friend who is owner of a halal indian restaurant chain and asked if they'd like to hire an Indian musician to sing at their eateries. The owner said no they dont need / want / can have him BUT he can contact some of his friends who are owners of Indian pubs along Dunlop Street. But if we urgently want, can walk-in to these places and ask ourselves.

Perhaps it is selfish of me to hope that Z won't get anymore pub jobs, afterall what's imp is for him to get a work permit ASAP. But its only bcos i don't want history to repeat itself. It was a very painful period for me and i dont think i can take any of that anymore. Not while im pregnant!

In conclusion, they can't do anything at the moment, until they've got copies of Green card, marriage cert and the normals....

Im just hoping that Z would take this Kitchen help job that the agency has available at the moment, but i know, at the same time, it would injure his pride. OK scratch that. I hope there's something a bit more suitable like cashier or something for him.

Again im being selfish, but i dont want him to go back to Pak. Again, bcos im afraid history would repeat itself. At least not for now. Not when we're walking on thin ice. Not while im pregnant and can't come along. Not when we really need to save for baby. Not when we're hoping to get him a job ASAP. Not when we're planning to register our own company.

Ultimate Deadline to get some kind of a more permanent pass: 1st Nov 08.

Tick tock tick tock.

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2 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

Must be frustrating for you and z. In your current state, I think Z should take any kind of jobs while waiting for a permanent pass or something. Think of your baby. Berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu yg memikul. Stay strong, both of you.

Abid said...

Inshallah you will succeed