Changes in my Room

Firstly, Now it looks neater with a proper keyboard stand instead of the instrument sitting on two IKEA stools. This is so that if Zubair wants to bring it out to the living room for practice, it wont take precious table space; Also good for any concert performance.

This keyboard stand T20 is courtesy of Ayah. Thank you, Ayah.

I did some homework before purchasing this item. Called Yamaha to ask how much is the proper stand for PSR - S500 series and he said $68 before disc. How much disc? i asked. 5%

According to History, Yamaha always charge higher. The actual keyboard we bought at Mustafa at almost $200 less!! So to be sure i'm getting the best deal, I called up Mustafa and asked. They don't have a T20 issued by Yamaha but said they have a stand good for S500 @ $79!!!

Wah liao. Like this can i still trust Mustafa for EVERY single thing? I know already some of the food stuffs are more exp than say... NTUC. Do i want to continue shopping there? Hmmmm

Good news is because we are a member of Yamaha (membership is free from our last purchase: keyboard bag) we got 10%. So we paid just $58.60!! weeehooo


This is the window in my room. Nothing seems out of place right? Exactly! Now everything is in working condition!

LOL... for the past month or two one of the rivets of that middle one came loose and it almost came off. So we had to support it by closing the other half of the window, resulting in only half a window opened (the other half - left most - is covered by a window unit air conditioner).

For a longgggggggggggg time we've been living with it. Until one day when it was just too hot to bear, i asked Ayah what's the progress on changing these windows. That's when i found out that he had already called 5 different contractors approved by HDB (Housing Development Board) to do this change of rivets from aluminium to steel (it was ruled to be mandatory that ALL housing window rivets in Singapore must be changed to stainless steel by a certain date, due to countless mishaps that caused grave injuries).

Anyways, all these 5 contractors said that they are all fully booked. I thought it might be because of Hari Raya or Eid peak period where everybody rushes to renovate their house. But Ayah thought that its because it is such a small job, they don't wanna do it anymore. As such, i prepared myself mentally to put up with it all thru Eid. Room becomes smelly with only half a window open, hence the need for air freshener (lol).

Fortunately, by some act of miracle, Ayah happened to call the next contractor in line in the listing and magically, they can do it and they are free. PLUS when ayah mentioned that one of the windows have already ... how do i say... fallen?... they told Ayah they will come right the next day! Oh bless them!

At the end of the day, Mummy described how it was very scary when they had to change the half that's fixed with the aircon. The guy had to hang on the parapet OUTSIDE the house or something to that effect.

The boss even said to the trainee Indian guy, "Don't drop the window, You drop nevermind." LOL! Luckily, we're only on 2nd floor!

Next Change: is curtains, carpet, bedsheet and standing fan! That $30 or $40 fan that i wrote about sometime ago failed on us just after 1yr! The bugger! Might as well buy that $19.90 Akira brand.

More changes to come: my extreme left side of the built-in wardrobe (Nan, i think u can imagine which one this is) will be getting a make over to welcome the baby =)

Right now it is bare, in the sense that it has no divider no nothing. Imagine that u can pile 3 cots standing up in that wardrobe. So intend to fix a bar at the top for hanging more clothes. Then I will put plastic chests of drawers at the right half of it for baby's clothes, toiletries and such.

Can't wait!

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4 glasses of Juice:

nadia said...

Congrats, your window is fixed, now you can have a fresher, airy bedroom :) How I miss opening up a window and seeing grass and trees.

Looking forward to see photos of the baby's wardrobe when it's ready!

Jussaemon said...

heheh Thanks Nadia.

Yeah in a way i got a bit shocked when i reached Pakistan to see that there's no grass along the streets... or most anywhere!

But i think Dubai can still realise these greenery...?

Abid said...

Who is Ayah? :S

Also, is the bottom-most floor called the "ground floor" or "1st floor"?

Jussaemon said...

Abid, Ayah means Dad in Malay.

Bottom most is called first floor and sometimes void-deck. =)