Why is My Room So Hot?

My Room is hotter than the 2 other bedrooms facing the road. Staying in the living room is a much cooler refuge. So imagine how do we sleep?

A real dilemma each time. Can't leave the air con turned on over night bcos i'll get a stuffed nose and won't be able to sleep. If we don't, i wont be able to sleep anyway sweating like mad. Worse is two of the windows are broken and we can't even leave it open at night! HUARGHHHHHHH

Some probably reasons why my room is hotter than my sisters':

  1. The desktop computer is always switched on
  2. We dont have the curtains drawn
  3. The angle of our room is in such a way that the sun only shines at our middle room?
  4. The colour of paint on the walls?
  5. We have sinned too much.
  6. We don't turn on the aircon much to cool the room down?

No wonder we are arguing so much. The room is so hot like hell. Really.

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4 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

Set the aircon on timer for half your sleeping time and then turn off and switch to the fan.

Else, tree tea oil seems to help my cousin has sinus problem like yours. A few drops onto the pillow before bedtime helps.

Anonymous said...

your yellow lamp seems really warm. use flourescent instead for daily use. for bedtime, have a really small nightlight (the sort that plugs into the socket)..

Jussaemon said...

Anon1: Really? Tea tree oil?! I shall hunt it down! I havent had blocked nose in months but it's started to bug me after my flu last week.

Yeah i suppose Zubair can switch it off before he goes to bed at 2am. the thing is he always FORGETS!

Jussaemon said...

Anon2: OH yeah that's another thing i forgot to mention. But does the yellow lamp really contribute to the heat?

Yeah i have that small nightlight u mention. Never use! Shall try it next time! Thanks for the tips.