Never Expects a Surprise from a Man

I went straight to class from work.

Zubair called me to ask what time he should fetch me. I was in a foul mood so i just dismissed him with an "I dont know" which translates to "Figure it out yourself."

So when my mum smsed me asking if i needed picking up, i declined.

But no. The husband didnt come to fetch me AT ALL! "I don't know" doesnt mean i'm not going home! I've been teaching this class for like 1.5yrs and you still can't figure out what time i always finish? MEN are just so repulsively THICK sometimes!

So the poor pregnant me had to walk that dark street stretch at almost 10pm all alone for 10min. What if i fall down the stairs? What if a car knock me down?

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3 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

chill girl :) u really should have given him a straight answer. men are like that heh.

it took us many many merajuk sessions before my hubby understood that whenever i say "i dunno" i meant i want to be picked up! hehe

when i can, i do try to train myself to be independent sometimes and make my way back home myself (yes even while pregnant) so i dun interrupt his tv time with his mom :) sometimes its good to show them (and ourselves) that we dont always need them! afterall, Allah is our Protector. trust me, they'd appreciate us better. try it! :)

Jussaemon said...

That's another thing not to expect from a man. An Appreciation. Or at least a verbal or showy one.

Well he doesnt do anything at home what. What was so wrong with picking me up? Of course when he has practice sessions i go on my own. And most of the times i went on my own anyway bcos he said he's just plain LAZY. So once in a while i want him to know what i want! is that too much to ask for?

norza said...

ahh..butterflyrubrics has said it all that i had in mind too. men are generally like that. so i wouldn't blame them. hehe. if i say, hubby knows that im cranky and will give me some space till i realised my mistake. i get those swings a lot too.

even in my first pregnancy, i went home alone after work sometimes near midnite to the mrt..walking past ttsh...and it will take me almost 30min just to reach the mrt. it can get quite creepy passing all those frangipani trees (you know lah...those stories with those trees...hehehe) but i told myself that Allah is our Protector and we should always trust Him and not let my imaginations run wild. if it's time to go, then so be it.

we all need to be more independent sometimes and not rely on people too much. we will be alone one day anyway. just be more careful when you're crossing the road and going down the steps, ok. ;) if need be, you can give zubair a call and ask him wait for you at the void deck next time.