The Next Big Thing

We heard that the hotel wanted a different kinda music being played right. But they just wanted a different genre like Jazz or whatever but Hindi music is out of the question. They still wanted English. Nothing surprising there.

In a way, i was a bit relieved (Dont Tell Z now! LOL). Cos he was after calling his friends in Pak asking them to bring over a girl who can sing and MOST IMPORTANTLY must be PRETTY. Not that im insecure or anything but you know ... hahah Besides, if he work nights and i work days, how to make babies??

Anyways, that Indonesian Chinese guy (he's in his 60s BTW) said that he knows somebody in an employment agency that she can help Z get a job.

And so he went to their office earlier today.

Side track a bit: He called me at 1:30pm wanting to meet me for lunch. and i felt so sorry bcos i didnt think he would walk all the way to see me from Tan Boo Liat building 4km off from Outram? But he was too late, i already ate and cldnt come out now could i since i started my lunch at 12:30.

Oh how my heart breaks for him. If only he had told me earlier. But good thing that i didnt engineer the whole lunch date thing cos it would irritated him no end when i bug him to wake up and pester him what time he'll finish and come to my office. Haha i so know him. OK end of side track.

Zubair reported that the lady said she would forward his resume to employers and she would get back to him within a week. She also said not to worry she'll find a job for him. Their service fee? 1 whole full month's salary.

I nearly fainted for a bit there. I was expecting something like 10 or 20% for the first 2 or 3 months like that. Maybe they're afraid their clients won't last long in the new employment! Wait... what if there's a conspiracy with the employer and they would sack their newly recruited employee within the month and recruited a new one from the same agency and charge 1 full month's salary... ok getting nonsensical here.

Then Zubair asked me a question, does the agency just forward my resume to potential employers and hafta go for interviews again or would they ensure i get a job or how?

After much thought... i suppose it depends on what kind of agency they're running. The way i see it Recruitment Agencies work for the Employers, getting pple to fill up their vacancies. They would forward a few selected pple whom they think would do well for that position and the employer will do another round of interview with them. In this case, the Employers will be charged a fee and not the job seeker.

But that an Employment Agency, especially now that we know they charge a full month's salary, would ensure that the Job Seeker will get a job placement.

Whatever it is, I hope that Z will get a good Halal job 9 - 5 if possible. That would be most ideal.


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