Zubair Sings

At a wedding last Sat just a few blocks away! Pardon the quality of the video. just using Handphone. Otherwise i wont know how to upload from the video camera haha.

As usual i dont know whats the name of the song.

He even had a duet partner! LOL A Mummy something. She was popular in her younger days ie in her 20s and she had been singing Hindi songs ever since. She's half Indian but definitely Malay integrated. She was VERY SUPER funny!

Glad he had a great time.

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7 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

You've just been tagged.

Anonymous said...

Pyar Diwana Hota Hai, by Kishore Kumar.

Zubair sang it pretty well :)

malique said...

omg zubair dah macam star!
he's so good!

narny said...

Zubair has good voice!

Mua said...

Masyallah your hubby has a great voice! And this is one of my mom fav oldies and mine too... :) I grew up listening to all these hindi love songs!! Thanks to my parents..Kishore Kumar and Muhd Rafi and all the likes... :)
Feel some kinda connection when reading your entries... and my prayers are always with you my dear! All of us have our trials and tribunals in life... Smile always and take care!


Jussaemon said...

heheh Thank you All for your praises and prayers =)

Dont know what to say... *sheepish smile*

Sandra said...

Yes, he has a wonderful voice! I would love to know the name of song and what it is about. So this is good example of Hindi music? It is new to my ears...

Also thanks for sharing a piece of your world through the video. I was as interested in the people and locale in the background as I was in the singing!