Rejected Usman YET again

After giving the club the weekend, Zubair FINALLY decided to take that Usman job waiting tables.

Unfortunately, when he came on Mon, The owner said that its fully taken up.

That thurs night, at Zubair's agreement, I called the owner of Usman. He told me that he had 3 outgoing staff to be replaced. But it has already been filled from the past month since he invited Z over to fill in the papers the first time around. Two already got their WP approved within 5days and one in process. I asked, "Could you possibly make room for one more, please?" and other persuasive words.

In the end he told me, "Call me tmrw. Let me discuss with my bro."

It was transpired that the owner was rather reluctant to take Z in by now cos he saw how fickle Z was. Maybe not sincere? But desperate times (now) call for desperate measures so i made that SOS phone call. My dear friend Fara also talked to his hubby and since he will meet the Owner tonight, he will mention about Z in passing.

Friday, i was on leave.

We were out at Marina Square having late lunch at Pizza Hut and a few rounds of bowling in mind after that when i called the Owner to follow up. He said something like, "Actually we are on full employment already... But.... er... you just send him down to the shop lah before maghrib i'll speak to him."

It was almost 4pm. We gave up on bowling and rushed to Lil India.

One shop away from Usman, and i lured him inside to give him a prep talk. In all the things that could happen, he received a call from a music sch arranging for an interview sometime the next week. Just one shop away!!!

Upon seeing his hesitation to move, i said,

Me: An interview is just that. An interview. It doesnt mean you LAND the job. It takes MANY interviews to beat the odds of actually getting the job. and THEY might have like what? 10? 20? candidates lined up for interview. Whatever it is going to BOTH interviews will increase your chance.

Z: *shuffling* then what if i get both jobs?

Me: Then it's a good problem but we can sort them out later

W no further excuses, we proceeded across the road. He ordered tea. I asked which one's the owner? He said

Me: Which one's the owner?
Z: That one drinkin tea w his friends
Me: Ok Why dont you approach him now?
Z: I think its rude lah he is with his friends what
Me: Well ok... then wave or make eye contact or something to signal that we've arrived.
Z: *gave me an irritated look*

Me: *glancing about*

Z: I cant do this Julissa.

Me: Can't do what?

Z: Wiping tables and cleaning toilets. I didnt come to Spore to do this. I'd worked all kinds of dirty jobs back in Pak.

Me: But this one pays 50 times more than in Pak. Think about Ammi.... you promised to send her $500 to buy aircon. (its the heatwave in Pak)

Z: *Sharp look* You think i dont know that?!?! You think you're the only smart one is it?

Me: Ok... just go and meet him lah see what he's got to say... He didnt tell you got it or whatever.

Z: I'm sorry i can't

Me: Look... i've thickened my skin and gave him a call; we've rushed all the way here when we were supposed to be bowling and we have arrived and you freaking dont wanna talk to him?!?!

Z: *Stood up*

Me: *deliberating*

Z: *beckoning*

Owner made eye contact with me with a questioning look. I tried to persuade Z somemore but to no avail. I walked off to Mustafa then i thought, "Why should i buy milk for a person who didnt appreciate what i've done for him?"

Some more, the owner called my hp while i was in Mustafa. He said, "What happened? Why you come then left without talking to me?" O oh.... I don't know what to say... How can i put say it gently without SCREAMING "Your restaurant is not good enough for my husband?" I just managed a.... "I dont know what to say... Im sorry... " With cheeks flaming red im sure.

So i walked out of Mustafa wo buying anything and headed for the MRT. in the train, i was surprised how good humoured Z has become. Didn't he see how angry and upset i was? Ok at least its a window to reverse and lighten the situation. But i felt i should have impressed MORE of the shame i faced on him which i failed to. Cos he always managed to turn the tables and make it sound like I'm the uptight one who doesn't understand him and his needs.

Anyways, off to NTUC we went. I suppose we NEED that milk. Correction: HE needs that milk. And that's when i bought them prawn quite impulsively and also 1kg of Chicken breastmeat to make Shami kebab again sometime!

It was made known to me that night that the owner WAS indeed prepared to take Z in. But wanted to slow talk with him first. At this rate, i doubt he would EVER get help from Usman again.


I cldnt help wondering what would happen if he hadnt received that call or that call was received 30min later. Could he have proceeded w the job?


Saturday. Mummy told me that her friend suddenly thought of a friend whose husband is a Bangladeshi and owns a provision shop as well as an eatery who is looking for employee.

My lord i was touched by these helpful people i almost teared. I can't believe they remembered me and my plight in their busy lives.

After a bit of ding donging, the wife told me that the vacancy will be up in two weeks' time. The golden question is: Does Z want it? I suppose if provision shop is alright... or if the eatery has a toilet OUTSIDE the vicinity, ie no toilet duty. Sigh....

I told Z, Let's call Salman to come here to work there instead. But a check with my expert friend Fara, she told me that Pakis who are not married to locals will not be granted a work permit! Unless on student pass or something.


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7 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

Salaam Caca,

bin reading your entries on the job hunt with interest. It's quite a missed opportunity, the Usman job. and it sounded like d owner was doing you a favour since there was full employment.

Insya-Allah, there will be other jobs along the way. Amin.

- Kak Adik

MOE said...


Zubair bahi, I dont know your situation personally, but after reading this I had a few thoughts.

It appears to me that you are hesitent to take the job because they are lowly. I am well aware of Pakistani attitudes on people doing not so glorious jobs, but you have to realize that you are in another country and are desperate for a job. You should accpet any reasonale offer that you can find, with the though in mind that it is temporary and that you will use it as a stepping stone to reach higher place.

Just to give you an idea, My brother in Law used to be an accountannt for a multinational company in Krachi, but once he moved here he could only find a job washing dishes in a hotel. Now he has been doing that job as well as taking classes and inshallah he will be able to quit it and move on to bigger and better things.

So you should not be trying to find your dream job from the get go, but rather find any reasonable job you can and then work your way up to the dream job. And Inshallah you will find that perfect Job.

Taibah said...


i found your blog was randomly doing a search on claustrophobia lol. anyways, your blogs are very interesting to read. i too come from a pakistani background like your husband, but i was born and raised in canada. check out my own blog whenever you get a chance

happy bloggin!

Jussaemon said...

Hi Taibah,

Hmmm are you related to that Moe upstairs? He's from canada too, aren't you Moe? heheh somehow i've been getting a lot of traffick from Canada.

Thanks for coming. I'll be checking your blog also tmrw when im in the office

Jussaemon said...

Add Moe: Zubair asked me a Q, "Wld i wanna clean tables in other countries?" I replied, "if its in London and the salary is DOUBLE what i earn now, Why the hell not?"

Moe, my own relative also has a degree in Accountancy which was accredited to him while studying in Australia. Now he's a truck driver. But he took it cos its convenient for him to go to mosques for his preaching activities.

I hope to write more tmrw to enlighten about this issue.

Anonymous said...

Salams Jus

So long I hvnt been visiting ur blog and a quite a bit of updates u hv here!

I'm with you on the "double pay in london i dun mind doing the dishes or waiting tables". Most important is that we get our rezkq in a halal manner.

I can only imagine the challenges u r going thru now so my dua for u and zubair..


MOE said...


yeah Canada loves your blog :P