Female Hindi Singer Wanted

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We decided not to stay idle and wait for that restaurant to come up with something for Zubair since they dont have the Public Entertainment License thingy and havent proposed anything else for 2 weeks?

Besides, Z is adamant to get a MUSIC job and not any others, esp after he got endorsements after praises about his wonderful talent. Much to my frustration. But if he believes he can do it, then its my duty to give him moral support all the way. Just hope he won't go all "Kacang lupakan kulit" (Malay proverb) one day.

Fortunately, the Band Leader's gotta know somebody who is looking for a keyboardist and ask Z to contact him.

As it turn out, that guy LOVES him. Despite him being a Chinese Indonesian, he still appreciates Hindi music.

Actually the hotel that he works for is looking for a different kind of alternative music and Z strikes him as The One. He said, "You play very nice, great voice, good looking. The only thing is, my manager wants a female singer also. Can you find one?"

When Z asked me if i knew of any female Hindi singers, i said, "Mummy Maimoonah?" The one he sang with at the wedding and he said, "Dont be crazy ok."

But i tot, what's wrong with that? Her voice still in top form ok. But i would think easy to maintain "inner" / shrill voice than of a loud hailer, high pitch, 8-octave (mariah style) kind. Besides, it will be in a hotel 8pm to 1am. it's a HOTEL not a CLUB.

Of course, there's no way he would allow ME to sing with him even tho its just a HOTEL, despite me being crowned the AXA IDOL. LOL

Good news is, (ive long since not let it up my mood too much) the guy said that he would definitely take Z under his wing and find him employment. Now, where have i heard that before? He even said that if his manager wont take Z, then he would quit too. Hmmm... sure or not? Nonetheless, i appreciate that he loves Z and wants to help and is doing something about it.

I pray to God that if this is good for Z then let him have it. But if its not good, then let him have a good one ASAP. God knows how brittle i am already and i might not hold out for long.

CONCLUSION! Interested applicants please send your picture & audio or video clip to My email add. No idea about renumeration or is it remuneration? *blur*

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2 glasses of Juice:

rukhsar said...

hey this is rukhsar pathan from india,,
interested to use my singing talent if interested then contact me on ((
i dnt know where this vacancy is. so just giving reply here.


Jussaemon said...

Hi Rukhsar,

Thanks for dropping by but if u noticed the post was in yr 2008! and we're in Singapore. =)