Surprise from Pakistan! & Nightmares.... :(

Wed afternoon, Zubair got a call from his friend that HIS friend is going to Singapore that very night!

And an idea struck Zubair. He wanted that friend's help to bring with him to Singapore 5 pairs of clothes that Ammi made for us. But we dont have any credit to make a call to Pakistan. He logged in YM and saw his neighbour online and asked him to convey the msg.

And so the next day, 3 shalwar kameez for me and 2 for him were flown in. Mine are in green, purple and yellow... 1 of them the sequins were hand sewn by one of his Aunties!

Zubair showed Faisal around Little INdia and checked him in Penta Hotel just behind Anggulia Mosque. Prolly jet lagged, he let him rest and ZUbair came home. But only to go out again that night... ALL NIGHT.

At first i was having fun playing games and doing things that i cldnt otherwise do if he was around. and i smiled looking at a neat room with no clothes on the floor, no cup or plate on the desk attracting ants..

And then i got the worst nightmare yet!!

I was travelling down the escalator when some things fall from above and looked up with my mouth opened and those things stuffed into my body! I was choking, the things were huge... like 2 boxes of something and some mothballs or cotton balls...

At one point i cldnt breathe.. i was dying... i cld still walk to the hospital next door but nobody seemed to think it was an emergency and my friends just looked on. Until Hanani saw i was not breathing then she squeezed my tummy and jerked all those things out and i finally vomitted them out. God it was scary!

But that's not the end! In the next scene, i was serving dinner to my grandparents. Tok (Grandpa) Husaini was starting to eat then suddenly he turned PALE and was about to faint when i caught him.. He was having difficulty to breathe and asked me to guide him what to say (when you're facing death) and i said La ilaha Illa Allah (There's no God but Allah).. HE was about to throw his last breath when i woke up.

I was trying NOT to cry. I immediately called Zubair. I asked him to come home by cab but he said its too expensive, he will come but on the first train.

The next night, i had yet another nightmare. three Indian guys were throwing slabs of concrete into our bedroom window aiming at me! Having heard them laughing before they started their attack, i managed to grab my phone and snapped a picture of them. and then pushed away the concrete from hitting my face. then i called the police but they took so long to come. I was so afraid they'd come for a 2nd attack. Then i woke up sweating and crying. It was 2:30am

I desperately need Zubair to come home! I'm so scared! I havent had anymore nightmares in Ramadhan except these past two nights that he wasnt with me. What if some spirit is after me? Disturbing my sleep while im vulnerably alone?!

I called him several times but still he freaking dont wanna come home. He kept saying that his friend's father called him and asked him to take care of his son. BULL! Faisal is an adult! He can take care of himself! YOU DONT HAFTA LULL HIM TO SLEEP OR SOMETHING!

And yet he doesn't know what upset me....

And im scared to sleep tonight... somebody help me to stay awake!

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