Move to Malaysia

Faisal left us with a great big hope of moving to Malaysia. He said he has some business contacts who can help Zubair settle in malaysia.

With that, i excitedly made some research. Ok not research, just an interview with my school friend who is now married, living and working in malaysia.

Among other things she said that:

1. For Singaporean, we can only be granted Professional Employment Pass of which salary should NOT be lesser than RM3,000.

I have yet to check with my HR but i'm hoping to get a transfer to AXA Affin in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia if indeed Zubair gets the chance of a job there. And im also hoping that they'd offer me more than RM3,000. In theory, if i convert SGD1,800, it'd be MORe than RM 3,000. But the truth is, the standard of living is lower and likewise salary. Just praying it's possible, so that i dont hafta be apart from my hubby. Imagine, weeks of nightmare without anyone comforting me!

He kept saying it's ok if i can't transfer to M'sia... i should stay here in Singapore. Why is he too eager to leave me alone anyways? So that he can do whatever he wants there without somebody (read: ME) patronising him? HUMPH! If he reads this he would say, "You're always thinking negative, Julissa" and why shouldn't i?

2. For foreigner just starting out, it's best to rent first.

her 3-bedroom apartment with security (guards) are at RM700 pm. And that she said is the higher end of the market. That's encouraging. I hope that a 2-bedroom would be around RM 500

3. Moving Around

Depending on where you work, you would be most better off driving to work bcos the public transport sucks. But if you're located right at the city centre, say, Jalan Raja Chulan, it's ok to take the train.

A Proton Saga after tax and everything will be about RM 29,000. While a Proton Savvy at RM 45,000. Needs a local as guarantor. I'm hoping i can get one of my Malaysian relatives to help me.

4. Level of Difficulty

While internet broadband is ready and easy to be set up there, it is diff for foreigner to sign a land line! Well, in today's modern day, who needs a land line anyway?

Also difficult is buying your own house. The upfront deposit will be so very much higher than for "Bumiputra" (locals).

But my friend thinks that it would be quite easy for a Pakistani national to be settled there in Malaysia because she saw a LOT of pakistanis esp in Masjid India - the shopping district, a tudung/scarf haven. Most of the shopowners there are of Pakistan origin.

5. Music Industry

My friend agrees that the music industry in Malaysia is like HUGE. Shouldn't be diff for Zubair to find something to do. Writing songs would be much easier than singing though cos in my point of view, there are a lot of Bumiputras who are trying to hit the limelight without success.

But we happily indulged in a fantasy that he'd make it big and then i can be a Tai tai / housewife. Er.. Though the thought is nice, i'd think that it'd be boring to be a housewife in Singapore. Nothing much to do? Not many friends? I'd bored to death at home and will miss home MORE.

And i must say that talking to this friend of mine has been a very refreshing experience. She was very encouraging and positive and hypefully happy. hehe Ok, prolly bcos of her new great job or she got "it" that morning. heheheh

Oh Allah, please give the best for us, Please keep us all in a happy marriage which is full of religious activity Because you are the All-Knower, You know what's in our heart and mind and you know what is best for us, what is bad for us. And because you are the Most Gracious and Most Merciful, who wouldn't let us stray after you have shown us your light.


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