Lonely Night?

Right after the celebration, i was hit by a news that Zubair wanted to go to this All-Night Zikr somewhere in Paya Lebar.

I know that it's a good, religious event and everything... But i can't help feeling sad and cried!

I kept telling him to send me to "Dream World" and to give me last hugs... Actually it's just for a night! I dont know why i got so worked up... Prolly because i wasn't prepared for it. He told me so suddenly... ok OK he's mentioned about the going-ons of the association, but he said so briefly and in passing, i didnt know that he meant to go!

So far, I have never slept alone throughout my married life except for that time my friends and I had a Bride's party at Rendezvous Hotel. Sure, there were nights when he didnt send me to "Dream World" and i was left alone on the bed trying to drift to sleep.. But he would always be beside me either doing homework, watching Sona Chandi (Pakistani drama) on Youtube, chatting on the pc, talking to Ammi ji or whatever...

He kept telling me, "darling, i'm going for Ibadah / prayers not for entertainment. And i'll be back..."

Somehow, reluctantly, i managed to let him go... I cldn't sleep till near 12mn.

Then, at 2am i heard the room door opened. I thought it might be one of the sisters or mummy checking in on me...

Then at 2:30am, i heard papers rustling and some thuds. I opened my eyes and i leapt!

with joy!


I'm just so freaking manja!

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2 glasses of Juice:

i-am-menot said...

yes. you're freaking manja. haha. but i'm not married so I don't know how it feels like. heh. =p

ah sure you can copy off the recipes on the blog. but the super size bawang here in perth. is probably like 3 bawang besar in S'pore okay. hehe happy trying!

Jussaemon said...

Yeah man.. Other pple are married also but they separate for long periods.. Like my sister, whose husband go out fi sabilillah sometimes 1 mth at a time, once a year.

Kak Hanani also was living in Oz for the good part of her first yr!

And thanks for the OK re recipe!