Work Woes

He went to the shop for interview at 3pm. Was asked to come back at 6:30pm when the boss comes back.

I met him and went back to the shop at 6:20pm. it's vital to be punctual or even early for interviews. We gotta know that the boss was back but went out again to buy food for break fast. 6.40pm and he still not back yet.. so i went out to buy some food for OURSELVES.

It was a 2nd hand computer shop in the back alley of Little India. the Ad in the paper said they wanted a FOREIGN General Worker. That's a rare thing. we chatted w the malay technician. First, I asked him if there had been a lot of interviews. Unfortuantely, he didnt know cos he's in the back repairing stuffs. he talked about how chaotic it can be when big orders came in and bla bla bla...

about 5min to maghrib when they came back... there was 1 other candidate for interview. Zubair said that indian guy showed his PRship and everything and ok he went out. Zubair's turn. That guy said Zubair needs a special pass whatever whatever. I dont think he knows what the hell he was talking about. THEN WHY THE FREAKING HELL DID HE PUT FOREIGN IN THE AD?!?!?!!?

When he came out of the interview... i didnt say anything... then he said, "No.... No..." I know him very well now not to ask questions at that point of time.

We had proper dinner at Taj Samundar North INdian restaurant and bought paan... and i can see his mood is up already... but still i didnt ask him till we were home and showered.. and then he told me the whole story easily. I patted myself on the back for stopping myself from asking him. Shabbash Julissa!

There was another position he was putting hope for. An early childhood teaching position w music background. When he called in, he said he seemed interested and will ask the manager or whatever. Seemed like they might even apply work permit for him bcos he fulfill all their criterias. They called him back yesterday to tell him that they are concerned that parents of these nursery/kindergarten kids would not like a MALE teacher. WHAT KIND OF A FREAKING EXCUSE IS THAT? I really dont see why a MALE can't teach young children. if anything i would worry more if there's a MALE teacher teaching YOUNG TEENAGE GIRLS! Utter nonsense i tell ya!

But i told him that... all these dont mean that we've failed. but it means that we are one step closer to finding a job - according to the rules of probability. And anyway, who will expect to get the job on his first interview?

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