A tribute to the Father-in-Law

I will never have the pleasure to meet my Father-in-Law. Mr Ilyas Hussain

He passed on just when Zubair was 4yrs old, Rizwan was 2yrs old and Salman was still in mummy's tummy!

He was riding the bike with Zubair one day and he got bitten by a stray dog. He was supposed to go for follow up check-ups but his schedule was too tight to bother seeing the doctor. Some months later, we all lost him to the Rabies.

He was a great musician of Pakistan in 70s and 80s. He introduced the 12-string guitar to the whole of Pakistan. He had contributed his skills in lots and lots of songs... Here are two which i think are special

A Pakistani National Song (or u can click this link if the youtube embedded video doesnt work)

a movie song clip that has Malay words in it!

He came from a well off family and was the youngest of 6. When he passed away, his sister cried so much she became blind (ala Kassim Selamat). and one by one, they all followed him. He would have been 51 years old this yr if he was still around.

The males in his family were all musicians. His father, Ghulan Ali, was a musician and some played w Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. M Arshad, a renowned music director in Pakistan who was once a child actor, was very close to him. They went everywhere and did everything together. He felt the same great loss just as Zubair did.

Zubair would recall how his father wld send him to school on the bike.. even the beatings seemed like sweet memories now.. he keeps a photo of his father in his diary and would often open to look at it... To him, the world crumbled down upon him the day his father was gone.

Yesterday, 4th September, 23 yrs ago, was the day that FIL was released from this world. This date will always be a dark day for Zubair. He misses his father a lot. When i told him that it's been 23 yrs already! He said, "For me... its like just a day, a second ago.. it still hurts deeply" and he added, "i pray that your father will have a long life. He's such a good man and you're so lucky to have him still."

I might not be able to understand how he feels. I wanna tell him that he has my father as his father now, but i know its different. I told him that all things happen for a reason. he wldn't be a person of such responsible character today, if life hadn't been how it had been for him. The hardships he had faced shaped the person he is today.

In short, we can mourn, but we hafta move on.

and Finally, let's send a Fatihah for our father, Ilyas Hussain. Al-Fatihah.

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7 glasses of Juice:

AzRaNan said...

Al-Fatihah to ur late Father-in-law. It is always hard to lose a loved one. That reminds me, my parents aren't getting any younger too...

AzRaNan said...
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Taufiq Zainal said...

What an extraordinary man. Please send my condolences. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

yes he was a nice man.I always miss him very much because of Zubair, Rizwan and Illyas.

your mamooo
Agha M. Ajmal

Jussaemon said...

Thanks, Nan.

Yeah mine too. But i think your parents younger right? My Mum's 50 and dad's 56 like that. I think i have asked u this before right? i always forget

Jussaemon said...

Thanks Taufiq. yeah he was extraordinary.

Jussaemon said...

Welcome to Blogger, Mamoo!

Thanks for your comments. And i'd like to say, I appreciate your help looking after them all when they were small.