SleepTalks Continued....

There was one time (not sure if i've written about it) he woke me up in the middle of the night saying, "Let's go to Germany." and i jolly well answered hm... "OK" then he went back to sleep.

Just now.. he shook me up and pointed to my two eyes... "1.. 2... 1... 2... left one?" i dont know what the hell he was talking about but when i didnt say anything he kept shaking me to get some sort of answer... so i just said, "100" meaning the degrees on my left eye and he said something and drifted off to sleep.

Also this morning at 3:30am i saw that our room door was ajar and shook him asking, "Why is the door opened?" he suddenly jumped out of bed and wore his shower robe. and i thought. "Oh great now he's sleepWALKING" hahahah but no... he was just going to the toilet but he tot somebody was inside and was waiting for that someone to come out and let the door open to hear. Actually there wasn't anybody in the toilet.

So funny lah you Xubi. I love you.

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