Girls Call......

Last night, his colleague from that school who happens to be a GIRL called him on his Singapore mobile. Wait, she is also the IT teacher's GIRLFRIEND.

I asked what did she wanna say? he replied, "nothing just ask how are you bla bla bla"

I am NOT angry or jealous about the call bcos he WAS talking about me to her and all... But i was just wondering and aloud, "Why would she wanna call you all the way in singapore?? It's expensive and everything." and he got all worked up at that.

But really... how would he feel if I were to call my EX male colleague who's overseas? Seriously i know of one. Mohamed the master butcher but in ZAC Meat. He's a South African and has returned to his country. His wife is also fun! Their two children are soooooo cute! But alas i dont know his phone no. Nor did i feel the need to keep in touch on phone because it feels so wrong..

Anyway... among the other girls who called him were:

  1. his girl students whom he didnt teach at all save for a few functions/celebrations.
  2. his MOTHER's students who learnt sewing at their home
  3. his faraway girl cousins

i know that last one seems well.. normal perhaps... But seriously... how often would you call ur CLOSEST cousin who's overseas?? she calls like once or twice a week. Ok probably she thinks Zubair is lonely and in need of some familiarity ie family and Urdu or what... but... i dont know man...

Im pretty sure Zubair won't like it if my GUY EX colleagues call me just to chat... or whatever..

Anyway... would YOU spend money to call your EX colleague of the opposite sex who's overseas? Answer in the poll on the right hand side

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4 glasses of Juice:

Ashley said...

Well, I certainly won't call but I will definitely keep in touch but via other means that won't cost me a thing!

i-am-menot said...

maybe they used a calling card so its cheap?

when i call s'pore using a calling card it only costs 0.008 cents per minute, which is less than 1 cent/min.

for $10 i can get 1250 minutes.

anyway the girls should know better .. to call a married man for a chat doesn't make sense to me.

to me personally, it's not necessary to call up a guy just to chat. got no girlfriends to talk to ke? but that's just me. heh.

Jussaemon said...

Yeah like email/chat and stuffs right? That's way better and LESS personal than direct phone call!

Jussaemon said...

Wah 0.008/min? That's like cheaper than Skype! How do they do that?

But yeah normally they buy this calling card that's 100rps (SGD2.50) for about 1hr? *shrug*

Yeah Menot.. That's EXACTLY what im talking about.