Clash of Tastes

The story is this:

Friday night, we broke our fast at Banquet Geylang with my sister and cousins. Afterwards, we explored the Annual Ramadhan Bazaar of course!

I intended to buy for Zubair a normal long sleeve shirt for first day of Eid. Because if we buy any other traditional dress, im afraid he wldn't wear it on normal days that it'd be such a waste to have bought it! But with insistence of sister and the cuzzies, we settled for a kurta / shalwar kameez. Our family are wearing brown for first day this year. Every year, We ALWAYS coordinate to wear the same colour on first day so i asked him to get a brown one.

But the stall can't take NETS nor card and i didnt have much cash with me and we just footed a $10 deposit out of $65. (it was originally tagged at $85 but we negotiated well).

On Sun, we went to Geylang again to pick it up.

My parents dropped us off and the moment i stepped into Geylang, some kind of broodiness - if there is ever such a word - overwhelmed me. It was hot and the thought of trudging through the endless stalls and not finding anything disturbed me... a LOT. I dont know why i let it affect me but it did... I was gloomy all that time.

Oh and also Zubair told me that he wanted to change the colour of his dress to cream. i thought what is wrong with BROWN? with a fair skin colour like he has, dark colours will match him nicely like Black, maroon or dark brown.

On the other hand, i really dont wanna buy something that he wont wear later. So when we finally found the shop, i just let him decide whatever. I really cldnt be bothered to comment bcos it wont be heard! He showed me this particular one and i said "it's too plain" he said, "No, its ok." right fine. Whatever.

To make the matter worse, it was so difficult to find a suitable and comfortable matching tudung / scarf to match with my second day pink traditional dress. and to find a matching MALAY Male dress that HE likes that suits our budget was like IMPOSSIBLE!

It was 2.30pm. Mummy is due to finish at 3pm. I was so frustrated, i tot we should break for prayers. and contacted mummy after that to go home. But actually they wanted to shop at Geylang also. I was at wit's end. I dont wanna go back by public transport bcos it'd take 1hr + to reach home that they would prolly reach home first than us. and then the bus stop is SUPER far, i had no more strength to walk! But then i also had no more strength to follow them around SHOPPING for like another hour or so! I WAS SUPER PISSED and confused i had to sit down to awhile to calm myself.

After some 10min at Marhaba Coffee shop just sitting there, i reached to a decision to take a bus to the bus stop that serves Woodlands. walking to THAT bus stop took forever, Climbing the overhead bridge, waiting to cross the road... AND THAT WAS IT! I hailed a cab.

At home, he tried on his new dress. I didnt comment, i didnt so much as give it a second glance. Then he asked me (much later actually),

Him: You nonsense, Why u didnt appreciate my dress just now?

Me:I told you, It's too plain.

Him: Plain is nice darling

Me: But this is for Eid! What's wrong with the brown one anyway?

Him: It looks like a villager.

Me: Sighhhh

Him: Remember you ever told me that if i wanna buy you shoes or anything, you wanna choose it? Well i do too

Me: But i'm a girl and you're a guy. Guys are not supposed to be choosy!

Him: sighhhh

Well... the moral of this story is: COMPROMISATION (is there such a word?) is KEY to a relationship.... just dont let your significant other rule your life. haha

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8 glasses of Juice:

Taufiq Zainal said...

Wow, sounds like you had a rough day.

Sandra said...

LOL. I love the new word, "Compromization"! I was married for a long time and my husband dressed funny. At least yours will sort of match! Good photos when everyone coordinates.

Do you sew at all? You might be able to get fabric and make your own outfits and scarves.

I have to look up these holidays you are celebrating. New clothes and food... it sounds wonderful.

Jussaemon said...


Thanks. Or pple can also say i was just having a spoilt-child fit. Heh

Jussaemon said...

Hi Sandra!

Nice to hear more from you!

Wow, I can create new words! hehehe

Hmm no i dont sew... yet? Both my own mother and mum-in-law are skilled seamstresses in their own diff cultural fashion... Guess need to pick up from them.

About our festival. You can try googling "Eidul Fitr" but we Malays call it "Hari Raya Puasa". There are two such holidays. The other one is called "eidul Adha" or "Hari Raya Haji/Korban". Hope i didnt confuse you.


Ashley said...

Well, it's not about men cannot be choosy. Sure they can. But in your case, you could have tried to talk nicely to him. Maybe explain to him that the culture in Singapore for Eid Fitr is different from in Pakistan. Perhaps he could be more tolerant once he understands it.

Just my 2 cents worth.

Jussaemon said...

ok men CAN be choosy... but must be at appropriate time and condition lah.

Yeah i didnt have the patience to explain to him. i took it for granted that he should understand and accept our culture just by my saying so. prolly he didnt.

Ashley said...

That's sexism! LOL.

You should explain to him when you have the opportunities, else the same will repeat again and again. Hopefully not though.

Jussaemon said...

ok lah BIG sister. :P