Just like me... he also talk in his sleep... only much MORE OFTEN.

There was one time he spoke to me in URDU.. and i asked HUH?? then he repeated himself! i ignored and he drifted back to sleep

Another time he said, "Oh Hello Mamoo, kaise ho?" I thought he was on the phone but he wasn't holding any phone!

Just 2days ago, i was up clearing the room, and suddenly he sat up, one arm resting on the head, eyes wide, smiling brilliantly. i looked at him expectantly, then he said, "OH i thought we were still in Murree (a pakistan mountain)" and almost instantly went back to sleep

Then the next day he woke me up asking, "Have u had lunch?". I said Not yet. he said Why not? I answered "BEcause it's 6am in the morning!!!"

HAHAHHAHAHAHAA He is sooooooooooooooo funny lah. I will try to remember more and post

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