260607 - A Date w Hubby to Suntec

We have a history of always ending a date with sour/bad mood.

I remember there was one day we went out on a weekday afternoon. It was around 4pm and i tot it was just nice to go to Little India and then get a lift home from Ayah at 6pm. Zubair hasnt eaten much, mummy asked me to get Murtabak for dinner. So i told him don't eat too much if not, we won't be able to eat dinner. i suggested on a rojak but he kept looking at the rice range then i suddenly got overwhelmed by indecision and threw a small tantrum and whiny noises. Zubair said, "Ok let's go home." I lagi could say, "But you're hungry." he insisted, "No, let's go home." He didnt talk to me in the train ride home. He stood at the other corner of the door. Finally, closer to home he explained that he was, and i quote, "DANGEROUSLY hungry". whenever he get into this stage, he can get angry easily, even back in Pakistan. i guess i cld relate to that. in the end, we ate at Banquet Causeway Point and bought the murtabak there.

Though he can get angry easily on certain issues, he can easily and quickly forgive and make up. As for me, when i merajuk/sulk, normally i wld feel fine after a nap/sleep.

haha ok back to title.

We have an appointment to meet my ex colleague at Suntec. After much deliberation and confusion, we decided to meet at Esplanade. But i was afraid he doesnt know which one's my bus stop cos he's never seen that side of Esplanade, i think. but i was pleasantly surprised when i called him to say i'm there he popped up from the underpass. its either his sense of direction is SUPERBly SUPER or it was just a lucky guess. but i think its the former cos he has proven so in other situations also.

It was only 5:30pm and the appointment's at 6pm so we decided to take some pictures near the padang.

Shortly after this photo, Zubair was attacked by a colony of BIG RED ANTS!!! (Oh god im getting the goosebumps just writing abt it) They were running up from his legs on his back... erghhhh and all i cld do was tell him, "There's one here, another one there." i was scared to brush them away w my bare hands cos they look so menacing and FAST! and he also panicked and kept urging me to get the ants off and i kept shrieking, flailing my arms until i saw his handkerchief, grabbed it and whacked two ants off his pants.

After the invasion subsided, he became angry at me. he said he was being bitten by ants and all i cld do was scream?? he was disappointed thought that if another similar or more dangerous situation happen, i'd just left him to die! No of course that's not true! i wldnt let him die like that. Firstly, in this situation, i tot it wasnt serious enough and tt he cld do it himself. Secondly, ANTS are my no 2 enemy after CICAK and no 3 being SNAKEs. Anybody who knows me should know of my 3 enemies!

I kept saying im sorry.. i wldnt let that happen again or whatever.. but he still kept mum... in my heart i thought, God we shld settle this before we meet Mel. it wldnt be nice if we're still arguing when we see her. then i gave us time-off by going to the toilet for 8min. when i came out then gradually he became ok.. He's a very forgiving person lah kan.

NEXT STOP: Mel's Office

Mel works at Jardine Smith International selling pieces of land in the UK. Her office has got a fantastic view of the Marina Bay! But the Eye was being blocked by Centennial! Humph!

We are impressed by what she and her company does. Buying land is an investment for a person who has long-term mindset and has no appetite for risky business. Investing in land is soooooooo low risk that they've never seen depreciation before... the value just keeps getting higher! You just need to sit and wait.

Mostly, the land that they sell are Green Belts (Area Reserved for trees nature) Construction of any kind if prohibited. But chances are, with increasing population and NOT increasing LAND mass and the upcoming Olympics in 2012, these Green Belts will be given planning commission and THEN the prices will double 200% if not more! Best of all there's no tax imposed by UK govt on land for foreigners.

Now.. if only i have cash stashed away...

Next Stop, Wok Express.

Wok Express in Suntec City is hidden away in the something Food Court at Basement 1. We nearly gave up to eat some place else. When we reached there, it was empty. TOO empty i tot they were closed. and the employees were sitting together on one table chatting. but as i reached the entrance, we were greeted. oh so they were open after all! The friendly waiter gives us a good corner but even suggested NOT to sit at the VERY corner bcos its hot under the spotlight.

I was feeling happy and quickly ordered Cockles Kuay Teow for him and Thai Fried Bee Hoon for me. It came downhill from here. When the food came, it was quite dry and tasteless or rather not salty enough for our spoilt tastebuds. I didnt comment it to him tho, didnt wanna spoil his eating mood. But then, even the Lychee and Longan were not sweet enough. The only compensation is the Wanton which was soft on the inside, crispy on the outside and the sauce... just nice, not too sweet not too thick or thin... just right. BUT BUT BUT BUT... they dishes here start from $5!!! in Tg Pagar, u can even get a $3.50 Chicken rice. Wah piang eh!

Time check: 8:30pm
Next Stop: Funan IT Mall

While walking from Suntec to CityLink. I saw this beautiful library! .... NOT it's actually a food court. have u seen it?? it's at the Convention Centre of Suntec City. It's sooooooo unique i feel soooooooo at home here!! very cosy! I felt like Hermione studiously scouring the books. hehehe

We have a $40 voucher of Capitaland somebody gave for our wedding. Since we need a new headphone and mic for him to call his mother via Skype, we decided to go to Funan. It was 8:45pm when we reached there. the area looked eerily UNhappening and quiet. We took the exterior escalator straight up to 3rd floor only to find out it was closed...

we went all the way down again, into the shopping mall And it looked dismal as most shops are closed except for the eateries. Zubair pointed to Times bookshop and Singtel but i said no dont think they have it. 2nd floor... the only ones half closed are either notebook shops or camera shops. Zubair was about to get sad bcos he really misses his mother and wanna clal her... so we looked up at 3rd floor and saw some light there... but nothing... ok one more... fourth floor and we discovered Inforcom's still open and rushed to buy a Creative headset.

I knew that if i didnt buy it that night, i wld take another week to get around to go to Funan again... (im soo lazy to go out and busy mostly) Alhamdulillah we persevered, didnt give up and now we've got it! He called his mum right after we reached home. =)

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