160607 Saturday was Fun Day

I delayed this blog by almost a week bcos im not sure whether i should:

1. upload the photos and risk having Blogspot blocked or
2. upload on Multiply at home (which would take even longer!!)

Decided to just upload the best pictures and not all of them.

Last Sat, after ngaji and receiving salary of $160, Zubair and i went to Orchard. Though i really hate Orchard and always feel disoriented every time i go there, we traveled there nonetheless to appease the husband.

Had a hard time decided where to eat. Even had to call Kak Long to suggest. She said Far East for medium to cheap stuffs. Then on impulse, we agreed on Breeks but budget of $30. So we walked to Breeks from Orchard MRT and settled down and looked at the menu. Hmmm if each of our dishes are $15, then we cannot order drinks nor appetisers and still would overshot the budget due to GST and service charge. Then Zubair said the most heartbreakingly sweet thing, "Darling, u order yours. and i will eat at McDonalds. Here is so expensive yar." In the end, we both got up to leave.

We heeded Kak Long's suggestion and we walked all the way back to Far East plaza from Takashimaya. we were SUPER duper DANGEROUSLY hungry then and no wonder it was already 3pm! to make matters worst there was a queue at Sakura Thai.

Kaching! $14.50

Then we went raided through all the shoe shops there through all levels from 5th to basement and i announced that i will NOT go out of Far East without a pair of shoe! cos my current one is SOOO pathetic (You know the black one i posted previously) though comfy. I kept on apologising to Zubair that he had to follow me around. but he shushed me saying, "I will be angry if u say sorry again! i love to follow you shopping. We're together." He is sooo sweet he even pointed a few pairs for me to try. and then being a fast shopper, he often got left behind in the store when i've already moved on to the next! and still he didnt mind. It was already 4.30pm by the time we purchased a pair.

Kaching! $19.90

Next stop, Tangs. Shortly after i got married, my dear Mac Studio Fix (the two way cake) dropped and cracked! The last two months, i've been trying to wear the broken pieces of the powder or wore no powder at all! and then the pieces kept coming out from the loose case and littered in my bag and finished very quickly. so i HAD to buy a new one. unfortunately, Studio Fix is NOT refillable. the Refillable one is $10 more with SPF (Sunscreen) + need to buy the casing 1 time. but i sticked to Studio Fix lah.

Kaching! $44

By this time, i was sooo tired and my mood was already down. i was wearing the new pair of shoe but it's making my feet hurt bcos its not as soft as the old one and slippery and the right one is a bit lose so i had to control it hard. Though i know Zubair wanted to look around Orchard some more, i kept asking him where we were going. He didn't answer but led us through the tunnel from Tangs to Lido then i asked him again and he actually said, "Home to Woodlands" if i weren't moody i would've laughed so hard cos MRT's the other way!! and we had to walk all the way back. By the time we reach home, i felt bad and topped up his prepaid mobile, EZ Link and Skype

Kaching! $41

I've been telling my sisters we should go out saturday night for supper say around 10pm since my parents went for umrah and we could take the car! It was 8:30pm and they were both out at Bugis and called me to come for early dinner. I told them i will only reach there in 2 hours. 40min to get ready, the rest journey on the train. Then they said maybe meet in tampines (bus faster) still i'd need 1hr... Then they said take the cab lah! I say no lah where got money! In the end, Kak Ly conceded and said, "Taxi i pay dinner u pay yourself" but i added, "or whichever is lower" Later, in confusion of where is Bedok Corner, we decided to go to ECP and we hailed the cab

Kaching! $20

Thank god Kak Lily reimbursed me and then we ate dinner of Satay, Chicken BBQ Wings, Cockles. Surprisingly, Zubair LOVES cockles!!! i didn't think he would knowing its seafood and it might smell (like sea smell), but he did! When i asked him what he wants, He decided on Nasi Ayam Penyet. Then i ordered my Kway Teow Kuah from Indian stall. Lychee drink for me and tea for him. when the food arrived, he tasted my Kway teow kuah and Lychee drink then he scolded me saying, "How come u never recommend me the good ones but order it for urself?" heheheh he LOVEs both the mee kuah and lychee...

Then Kak Long commented, "It's already so hot yet u still drink hot tea." Zubair say yeah i love tea.. but this is my first time drinking it with dinner.. normally its AFTER dinner... Ok im sooo selenger (duffer).. my poor Xubi...

Soon afterwards, it started to rain.. we kept on eating cos our booth got umbrella..

But it got heavier and heavier until Abg Fai said, "Ok Finish up lah" we were almost drenched by the time we finish. and Zubair's tea was cold by the time he drank it versus the cold weather. We waited awhile for the rain to ease a bit and then we walked in the rain to the car which was parked at the other end of the car park. We reached home 11pm like that i think.

Kaching! $8

Saturday was Fun day and busy day with Jalan jalan... but also a bleeding day.. spent almost $140 in one day!! Siao

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2 glasses of Juice:

Hid said...

I must say u R indeed crazy to spend 140 bucks in a day! pe hal?? heh next time dun take the taxi.

Hey upload a pic of the shoes u bought..hehe there are quite a number of affordable shoes at Far East kan?

U noe cos at work i open only a small window to view non-work related stuffs and i spent a few seconds trying to figure out wat the last pic was. hahaha! Nak cakap ice kacang, cannot b cos too shiny. Nak cakap bleeding limbs also cannot cos the earlier paragraph was abt food. Finally was able to make out the outline of a pram and ur niece..hahaha! merepeks *sheepish*.

JuSSaEmoN said...

oh its ok the taxi my sister bayarkan weeee

ok will do that. actually the style is VERY similar to the old one. many affordable ones yes... but i dont like any of the pattern! i'm SUPER particular abt shoes! i used to go w Platforms only! haha

heheh APA HAL ice kacang!! hahahaha and bleeding limbs?!?!?! so sadistic ah? heheh maybe it can be one of those "is it old lady or young woman" picture